Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Great Movies

On a mini-vacation this past weekend, I caught a foreign film called "Tell No One" that is French in origin. I love how IMDB posters are already worried about an American remake. My prediction for an American remake is that Tom Cruise is cast as the MD. My friend suggested it, and thankfully, I agreed despite my desire to see a film about Genghis Khan. Tell No One (TNO) is a nice blend of the 'who done it' with a Fugitive vibe. The action scenes have a realistic feel to them, as the protagonist is not a superhuman genius, but a doctor that can put two & two together who is running for his life with the motivation of finding his wife whom he has thought for 8 years to be dead. The detective story within the detective story, chase within a chase, story arc is awesome. I enjoy movies like this as they appeal to my love for old Hitchcock movies. There is detective work, small gang member stuff and bits of comedy that I appreciated. Some things were shown that I bet in an American film would be cut for "run time". I would buy this on DVD. Three of four stars.

The Dark Knight was excellent. I really enjoyed Batman Begins, but TDK was everything I wished a comic book movie would be. I'm an easy sell as Batman was one of my favorite comic books to read. Despite its length, I did not feel bored for one moment nor felt that the movie was slow. My only problem with it was not seeing it on an IMAX screen. There is a cool twist how they arrest the Joker halfway through that I will not give away, but it caught people off guard. Here's where they have hit the mark with this Batman concept under Nolan & Bale: they have the right mood for Batman, the right shots of a gritty and shitty city, solid music, villians that are a bit realistic and less cartoonish, and an exploration of the troubling question "would a masked vigilante attract criminals to a city" that some comic books have discussed. It's a great line delivered by Ledger when he answers Batman's question of his desire to kill Batman by stating "you complete me". It is a shame that Ledger died, as it would have been brilliant bringing the Joker back 2 films later for a reunion. After watching TDK, my wife was thrilled by it but wondered how on Earth the producers of the Bond films could pass up on Christian Bale as the new James Bond. I would definitely buy this on DVD. Three and a half out of four stars.

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