Monday, August 18, 2008

Strip Clubs

Man, I hope I have not posted about strip clubs before, but I believe that my friend Dave, my wife and I could run a great strip club. One that would be friendly to all types of people and all tastes. This is on my mind as I recently discovered from my good friend Dave a website called nudar. This is a hysterical combination of sex, the internet and GPS. Maybe we can find those strip clubs (SC) that are on tv and in movies where no one gets naked? There is an all nude bar in Rumford, ME. If you have never been to that area, you have no idea how comical that is. I found the one that was in my collegetown of Ithaca, NY. This is just an interesting application of technology to an age old question for young men, "Where are we going tonight?"

I've been going to these bars for almost a decade now, and the human behavior displayed in them still amazes me. Why would someone work there? Why are the shot girls & waitresses usually more attractive than the dancers? Is there much thought to being human cattle? Do they dislike being objectified by patrons? Do they just think of separating the patrons from their money? Does it warp their self esteem and alter all relationships with men or lesbians? Is there a training class for new strippers? Why do men go but don't pay attention to the details? I once remember a friend not realizing a place was a 'pasties' bar until after we told him. Why spend so much money on a living doll? Do most realize they are 'marks' in the con game that is the strip club? Do they view the women as women or do they have a completely separate view of 'what' that person is? Does it warp their relationships with other women?

These questions usually race through my mind when I go to one with friends. I tend to view most of the performers in a positive light. This might be since a few high school classmates of mine became strippers, and I have a feeling their stories are part of the template for why many young strippers started in the business. I'm the chatty guy in a group that goes to a SC, as I usually ask questions about the nuts and bolts of SC ops like if the girls have to pay the house a % of all lap dances or kick a flat fee to the house at the end of the night. I can stare at a naked woman all night, but basic questions of what the hell is going on there interest me. Then again, I'm also probably the only guy there that is a MENSA member.

I usually view most of the guys there as douchebags. Does my being there make me one as well? Am I viewing these voyeurs purely on appearance and the fact that they are there? No, it usually is from their behavior which is loutish and classless, but they are at a SC so is it excused? Views of my own gender drop after a few hours of observing the d-bags acting like 5 year olds at Christmas because of topless women. Still, I tend to view the younger patrons in a more positive light. Is that age bias and wrong? Probably, but I don't like the creepy old guy at a regular bar let alone a SC.

There's something odd about SC joints. That's part of my disgust with the hypersexualization of young women in American society. In just a few years, those young boys and girls who grew up in the last 10 years will be hitting SC age. It just might make the SCs that much worse. There's an air of desperation that no amount of baby powder, body glitter or techno remixes can repress.

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