Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mix The Fugitive with First Blood with The Parallax View and you have Shooter. I was laughing out loud at some moments because this movie is a libertarian/mountain man's wet dream. Not as much as Red Dawn, but close. This is a popcorn movie, and it recycles many of the played out motives for bad guys... corporations run things... shadow sections of the government are out of control... atrocities in foreign countries that we supervise... I'm tired. Good to see Marky Mark Wahlberg have another hit. He has managed to string together a series of decent box office moneymakers with moderate to low budgets that are re-watchable. That's a tough thing to pull off in Hollywood.

The small issue I have with this movie is that they try to make it realistic, and it is wonderful how they show the young FBI agent doing detective work to come around to Marky Mark's claim of innocence. Showing Marky Mark treat his wounds, figure how to get out of Philly, and disguise himself was great. They then destroy that credibility with some ridiculous action sequences. I have a friend who was a scout sniper for the Marines. I can't see Brad outrunning the entire FBI, but he would be hard to bring in alive. I can see Brad wrecking a policeman or FBI agent, but I do not envision him taking out 24 heavily armed, private army soldiers. Don't bait me with realistic sequences and make it incredibly interesting and then add in cartoonish action shots. I can get off my high horse though, as I can suspend my disbelief for the movie and laugh at the ludicrous moments.

Instant insight while watching the film: I could see how this movie appeals to the Red Bull and vodka crowd.

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