Monday, August 04, 2008


I read this today and felt that harmony with it. I dislike people today that think we live in a police state that duct tapes the mouths of those who criticize the government and question our leaders. I know plenty of people who question our leaders and still walk the streets. I question our leaders, and yet I still stand free. That's the beauty of America. Born at the end of the 70s, it surprises me that anyone could think the Soviet regime and the American government were equal from a moral standpoint. A short while ago, I read this book. The more I ponder its details (and I love to go back and read parts when I read a new book that covers a similar issue but from a different point of view), I came away with the thought that Hitler was crazy, but Stalin was just an asshole. While some of the assholery ended with Stalin's death, the Soviets did not put an end to the Gulags nor tot he oppression of their own people.

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