Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics Week One Review

Because of my parents visit and my wife's love of gymnastics, I got sucked into watching the ChiCom Olympics. I do think a lot of the sham that is the Chicom games has been exposed. Twelve year old gymnasts, substitute 7 year old singers, smog all over, 'sold out' venues that are 3/4 full at most all show what a joke the coming out party is. Here's my thoughts....

Opening ceremonies had Sarah Brightman singing some song. Is she the go to person for international events? Who else thinks those Chinese men in the boxes during that weird wave floor display were forced to stay there for months in those boxes?

President Bush sounded like a smart statesman when interviewed by Bob Costas. Who is this man? Will we look back differently on Bush in 20 years? Maybe.

There are too many dumb sports now treated as medal sports. Beach Volleyball? Women's softball but not men's baseball? Ping pong. Come on.

Dara Torres can trash talk any swimmer out there by saying "I had a baby 2 years ago, what did you do since the last Olympics? Oh, just swim and weightlift. Kiss it." I tip my hat off to any 41 year old who can medal in a power swimmer event.

Can someone explain to me why this Masshole Alicia Sacramone was on the gymnastic team? How do you f**k up that much when you are the oldest person on the team (20)? Shouldn't she be savvy and seasoned? She cost the US a team gold. Go back to Brown and fall on your ass a few times walking the quad you Masshole.

Anyone else creeped out by the Chinese gymnasts? The men have baseball shaped muscles (yeah right, no roids there) and the "women" are 12 or 13. I felt bad for those girls. Made my skin crawl to see that little 8 year old on the uneven bars.

Glad to see the scoring of the women's individual was fair and balanced. No way were they trying to help out host country performers. Nope. Move along.

That duo of Lukin and Johnson were awesome to watch. If the USA had one decent other performer, they would have won gold. Shawn Johnson is 16 and towered over those ChiCom "16 year olds". That's not right. Boy did I run to look up if Lukin was 18. As this website would vote, thank you. Think the Russians are bothered that their country sucks so much that their gold medal gymnasts have kids and leave the country. Lukin and the male gymnast Artemev would both be on the Russian squads if Russia was not a sh*thole.

Bela Karolyi is so much fun to listen to and watch. He is so biased that it is like a grampa cheering on his kids. He sounds like Adam Sandler's skit "the goat". I was glad to see they showed shots of him watching the Lukin floor routine. Highest of high comedy.

On the flip side, go fuck yourself Kobe Bryant. This is all part of the NBA's pr blitz and Kobe's image rehab to make people like him again. He says it is the ultimate honor to represent the USA in hoops at the Olympics. Where was that spirit in 2000 or 2004 when they asked him to be on the team? Shut up you phony. I'll say it again, Kobe Bryant is more like a child TV or Movie star than an athlete.

The 100 meter sprinter for Jamaica was amazing to watch. He won a race by .2 seconds that is usually won by the start or "lean" of a runner. He also won by .2 after he slowed up to celebrate with 15 meters to go. That was a mindblowing race, and we can only imagine what he would have run had he run the whole way through to the end. I am shocked how many of the 100 meter sprinters were lean and tall. Most 100 meter sprinters are muscular with big legs like the bronze medalist from the USA Walter Dix. Weird.

Finally, Michael Phelps was just a joy to watch. I haven't yelled at the TV since.... the Super Bowl. Sometimes it is kismet, destiny, or whatever you want to use for a description. His destruction of the competition, the way relay teams came through in tight spots, the way he managed to pick the right time to use an extra stroke or time the start just right all added up to a feat we probably won't see matched until the next Spitz or Phelps comes along. People forget that he almost did the 8 golds in 04, so this is not such a big surprise. It is just amazing that he pulled everything together to complete such a mindboggling meet.

Let's hope week 2 is just as good.

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TCO said...

I think the injuries rattled the girls. Having Chelse on beam would have helped out. Perhaps Marta might have even pulled Alicia from FX and used Nastia as well. It was very evident that Nastia was being scored extremely favorably. And Alicia had already had the messup in prelims. Not sure, but if this had been done, the team would have eclipsed China score-wise.