Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics Week 2 Thoughts

I am an old track and field runner that specialized in the 400. There were plenty of cool stories from the track side of the Olympics. Not all of it good.

The amazing week of Usain Bolt really stands out. I don't think he had a clue of how fast his 100 meter race was or else he would have run the whole way hard to the end. He could have shattered the 100 meter record. Too bad.

Jeremy Wariner really funked it up in the 400. He won the silver, but he ran a full .5 slower than his semifinals run. Weird. I'll miss him if he doesn't run in the 2012 Olympics because he was a pretty funny character.

When you run a relay, hold onto the baton and don't let go until the other person has their hand around it.

I like watching volleyball, not beach volleyball, but real volleyball. It's awesome to see teams that go back and forth instead of one side just spiking on the other non-stop on a steamroll to 25 points.

So the IOC is eliminating softball partly due to the USA's dominance of softball. Hmmm, ping pong is an Olympic sport because.......

The NBA used this Olympics to rehab their image. Kobe Bryant did the same. NBC and ESPN enabled them. I'm glad the USA won since they did have the top 3 players in the world on the same frickin' team.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is really really bad. It makes figure skating tolerable in comparison. Of course, my wife the modern dancer, loves it.

China got 17 days to broadcast a commercial for their country and what did we learn: lots of construction, pollution, and trash on the ground. The air is bad, and their state system of sports produces great divers and exploits 12 year olds. They put on a good show. Did we not know this before? I think at some point, economic freedom cannot continue to progress at breakneck pace without political, personal and religious freedom. Right now, the country is still run from a centralized planning base, but with growing freedom to politically connected individuals. Something will have to give. I'd love to see it in my time.

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