Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Nintendo Wii

I experienced the Nintendo Wii. After playing it for an hour, my father and I both wanted one. It was fun as your movements decide what the players do in Wii Sports. I can only imagine the excellent gameplay for a good golf game like Tiger Woods 08 or a real baseball game. My dad really liked the golf game, so a true simulator game rather than an arcade golf game would probably entertain him for hours. My mom even played, which was funny as she stepped up to the ball in golf. My cousin and I played one night until about 2am. It was a simple arcade style tennis game but it was fun to play with someone and have my movements control the gameplay. The boxing game made a whole room of people laugh as it was played. I can see this system, with its easy to learn gameplay, be a giant hit at family functions and house parties.

That is the big selling point with the Wii: you play with other people in a fun, competitive manner. Video Games have been designed to cater to single player games. The consoles have great graphics and processing, but you play epic quests and sports games that do not encourage multiplayer gaming. Wii is cheaper than the expensive next gen consoles, and is outselling them by the hundreds of thousands of units. This fake ad is absolutely the truth. I would love to have a ps3, but it's wicked expensive. The wii is also easy to play and fun. That should be the goal of the game portion of a video game system.

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