Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Visit and Visiting Family

My folks came to visit for the week. We ate well, visited historical sites & the state fair, and in the middle of their visit, visited my uncle and his family. Weird week as my folks visited, revealing that they are geared up for retirement living (setting up a trust, revising their will, envisioning grandchildren) with retirement 5 years or so away. It was on the main focus of their near future plans, as I think my grandparents' failing health has taught them that they are the future standard bearers for their two families. It was good to see them.

During the visit, we drove to Ohio to visit my uncle and his family. They just moved back to the USA after 4 years in Japan. My uncle just retired from the air force. He is my favorite uncle, and it is nice to now have him 2 hours away. I wish I had lived closer to them growing up. It is weird to see his twins going off to college as I remember vividly their first birthday party when they moved stateside. That was 18 years ago. Even though I not spent a lot of time with them, they are two of my cousins that I care for the most. It is also odd to see my male cousin display mannerisms and facial expressions similar to mine and my female cousin act like my sister. They have quite the transition to make from going to concerts in Tokyo and Osaka and experiencing a foreign country to going to college in Ohio with tons of kids who have known only Ohio. I have a strong feeling they will transfer to other colleges in more cosmopolitan locales.

I have a funny story from the trip that will be saved for my next post, but another bit of comedy was playing the game "rock band" for the first time. This is an Xbox game where people play guitar, drums and sing in an attempt to make their band become superstars. My cousins and I are all artistic, and we played together. My male cousin on guitar, female cousin on drums and me singing lead. I was a tenor in the school choir and had a lead in the school musical Grease. The singing voice is not as high, but I still have my kick ass falsetto. Beauty of this game was that it played rock songs I knew by heart. Surprisingly, my cousins dislike many new groups and like early 90s grunge. Wow. Fortunately, I could sing songs by STP and Nirvana. I could carry them durign the 70s tunes. I understand why this game is so popular. You must play it with others, and you can enjoy good music. There is a Nirvana song that I always sing to in the car but never knew the name of it. We had to play it, and I said "I dont know that one". They looked at me stunned. When it came on, I ripped it up. They then laughed that I have been singing along to a song for 15 years but never knew the name of it. What can I say... "i'm the one who likes all the pretty songs, and i like to sing along and i like to shoot my gun, but i know not what it means (drums) bahbahbah-boom-bahdoom know not what it means (drums) bahbahbah-boom-bahdoom when they say yeaaaaahhhhhh".

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