Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sara by Fleetwood Mac

Sara by Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite FM songs. It's an awesome blend of piano, drums, good vocals, interesting story song lyrics, and a vibe spooky enough that it could end every downer love or suicide story. This song, and Gypsy, represent the pinnacle of Stevie Nicks witchy vibe. This vibe is typified by her wearing some shawl thing and doing spins with a tambourine in her hand. She gave off that vibe so that guys could buy her albums and try to defend it like she enchanted them and was a bit tougher than other 70s chick singers. As a kid, her Stand Back video scared and excited me at the same time. When she's on the treadmill with the backlighting and the wind machine in full force, it would freak me out. I read this article, and Sara is never the same again for me.

Through other articles and rock n roll urban legends, I had heard of the Stevie Nicks parade of lovers like Buckingham, Fleetwood, Kenny Loggins and Don Henley. I really dislike Don Henley. I always liked Frey's vocals over his in the Eagles, and his solo albums always had 2 good songs and then 10 crappy-self-righteous-hippie-california-condescending songs on them. That is a catalogue of great 70s music right there in Nicks' little black book. Hat tip to Stevie. Sara was one of those songs I had listened to in the past and associated with a certain person or certain moment in my life (I'm a hopeless romantic so fuck off). Now, I'll first think "Don Henley is a self righteous dick... I can't believe he screwed over Stevie Nicks", then proceed to think for 15 seconds about my original association with the song, and then just enjoy the song for what it is: a beautiful, emotional song.

Sara is over 6 minutes long and does not feel bloated. If you listen closely, there's a progression in the lyrics as the singer becomes more desperate to maintain contact with their loved one. Plus, a straight woman singing a love song about another woman is truly weird. Knowing the meaning of the song now, it makes sense, but is even wilder than thinking it could possibly be lesbian in meaning. I can't stress this enough, but Stevie Nicks really holds back that power in her voice and the verbrado (sp?). Current Stevie Nicks really ruins songs with her non-stop verbrado. Sometimes I fear she has early onset Parkinson's, but then I recall Cher's vocal style. Cher turned "time" into a 3 syllable word: "ti-heeem-ma".

Favorite Fleetwood Mac Songs:

"You Make Loving Fun" - If they play this at my wake, I will be happy.

"Sara" - We established this awesomeness.

"Landslide" - Original recording, not the lame-o live version where she sounds like Lambchop.


"AG" said...

My father saw Stevie Nicks in concert a couple of weeks ago.

E. Rekshun said...

I just got $200 tickets to Fleetwood Mac, Dec. 20, 2014 at Tampa, FL.

Oh, best F.Mac song - "The Chain."

"Stop Dragging My Heart Around," S. Nicks and Tom Petty was pretty good too.