Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Lines Either Candidate Can Use Against the Other

McCain should pound Obama with.... "You have done absolutely nothing to merit or show that you can handle the office of the president of the United States. You claim your judgment will make you a keen POTUS. In regards to the "surge" of US troops in Iraq, you judged it to be a failure before it was even launched and that it would increase violence and worsen a sectarian civil war in Iraq. You have been proven 100% wrong. What else should America trust to your judgment?"

Obama should pound McCain with.... "America went from budget surpluses and a strong dollar under the Democrats, to a dollar halved in value and monstrous deficits, which burden all Americans with further debt, future tax obligations and less purchasing power to pay for basics. You have propsed nothing to ameliorate these circumstances."

I'm predicting an Obama victory because this is the perfect year for the Democrats. They can't screw this one up. They have a lot going for them and the GOP is a terrible brand right now thanks to Tom Delay, Trent Lott and Dubya. Obama has a fired up base, and enough protection from the media that he's going to have to screw up royally in the last 3 months to lose. Just remember, if Dan Quayle (or Dubya) had made statements like this or this, he would have been destroyed in the mass media. The only hope Obama will give anyone is hope for any candidate, who can give pretty speeches & get the media to fawn over him, the opportunity to be president despite doing nothing to prove they could be a competent executive. I really feel bad for McCain as I supported him in 2000, but ask Nelson Rockefeller how it feels to be denied by a weaker, but good ol' boy primary candidate and then not get your chance at all or at a very late stage in life.

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