Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steve Winwood 80s Videos

Check out my Google search for Steve Winwood videos. "While you see Your Chance" really tries for an artistic statement. Weird dance stuff, odd graphics, a weird theme, fog machine in full effect and Steve playing some synth. Wow. They go for it, and it fails, but it is entertaining. I miss videos. "Valerie" has soem funny 80s effects as well, and is a performance video that mercifully blends in images of some chick in a white dress dancing. The wind machine was set on high for that video. Winwood finally made a good video with "Roll With It". This was a blend of performance and story video. It looks like an awesome edition of the Soul Train Line. Add in lots of sweaty women dancing, and I was a happy young boy. It is an incredibly sexy video. It's the way people expect a video to be: spotlight the song and artist and entertain us with bringing it to life.

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