Friday, May 09, 2008

ZZ Top: Legs

The musis video was a short lived art form that never truly peaked but was a creative tour de force for a 15 year period. Some video are still made, but they are not played on a regular basis and do not generate water cooler talk like Thriller, Vogue or November Rain did. Fortunately, I had several aunts and uncles in their teens in the 80s, and the split between Sesame St. and MTV viewing time was pretty even. Many of my problems with modern music, comedy, the refusal of women to wear garter belts and stockings stem from the bombardment of my visual senses by these '80s movies, music videos and tv.

ZZ Top contributed to my problems with their awesome videos. ZZ Top had a series of videos that centered around the band performing in the middle of nowhere for no reason as some poor schmuck was picked on by lesser beings but then transformed by this magical trio of roadster (1933 cherry red Ford with suicide doors) driving rock women. The feminist critique of much film is that females are often in the shot just to be gazed at, but these ladies are the cause of action. They are like 1980s wardrobed Eumenides that are out to right the wrongs for the downtrodden yet sexy underneath their conventional nerdy or poor appearance. By this video, the audience knew what was coming and who they were so there was a nice humorous touch of the box with the ZZ top keychain to the roadster. Just as simple makeover shows transform a person and make them feel better about themselves, a little make up, hair and wardrobe makeover turns this nerdy shoe store clerk into a leggy siren. She gets the guy, gets soem respect, and we get the adios wave goodbye from the band.

As an aside, there is a story that Gilette offered the band 1 million to shave their beards for a Super Bowl ad. The band refused, citing that they grew the beards out because they were so damn ugly. I love that. Almost as much as I loved the urban legend that the band recorded a sequel to Legs called Jugs but the record label said no too scared of what that video might look like. I'm being dead serious when I say that I thought women wore garter belts and stockings. I was sorely disappointed when I started being active with women and none of them wore garters and stockings. I ekpt waiting for it like it was a sign of becoming an adult. Nope.

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penguin said...

I liked Sharp Dressed Man the best. The ZZ top roadster ladies wear work out gear.