Friday, April 18, 2008

Solution to the Democrats' Two Headed Monster Problem

The Democrats are in an a terrible position right now. They have two candidates that would be great personalities to run in the general election as long as they were not running against one another nor against any decent moderate Democrat. Obama and Clinton have star power, charisma, instant recognition with casual voters, and they speak well in public. Unfortunately, they are running in the same election cycle for the same position. Neither candidate can get the needed votes to get the nomination, and neither has the humility to bow out and do good for the party. I have the solution. A deal.

A perfect run for the presidency is a lightning in a bottle opportunity. McCain will see it this fall when he realizes that he was a few dirty tricks in South Carolina in 2000 away from crushing Al Gore in 2000. Bill Clinton in 1992 was perfect timing because of GOP fatigue and the recession. JFK was perfect timing because of the mob fixing Chicago for him and the first televised presidential debates. This is it for Clinton. If she doesn't win now, she is damaged goods and 4 years older in 2012. This is perfect timing for Obama because in 4 years, all of America will truly know how liberal he is, and he'll probably insult the other half of middle class and poor Americans that he hasn't insulted yet. Clinton is in the tougher spot because she is 'behind' by the rules, and the media ia preparing to crown Obama, especially NBC. Still, she can hang in and hurt Obama more and more, doing the GOP's job for them just to keep her selfish hopes alive. She's a Clinton. She must be dealt with, and sooner rather than later.

Howard Dean, the assclown in charge of the DNC, should get Obama and talk him into a deal. It's a deal that works so well for Obama, and in the end, the execution of the deal is out of his control. He can hold up his end fo the bargain and Clinton can get nothing. Here it is. Clinton ends her run now, right now, before the PA, IN, WV, KY and NC primaries, which are just going to hurt Obama more and endorse Obama. This gives Obama a summer to bash McCain and heal the party. Obama in turn has to promise to nominate Clinton for the first Supreme Court Justice opening that occurs during his term. No one can say a word to anyone else. Obama has nothing to give her that she would want: VP, no way, Cabinet spot, too little for her ego, Ambassadorship, takes her out of the spotlight, Secretary of State, she doesn't have the resume and might steal his thunder. This is it. A justice spot is a lifetime appointment. It creates a real Clinton legacy. She would have a huge marker to hold over Bill's head in the twisted marriage.

1. Obama has to win the general. - With a summer to run attack ads and a ton more cash than McCain, this should be easy. I question his ability to win swing states, but in the end, this might come down to a HDTV debate that shows McCain looking very very old.
2. The Democrats have to pick up a few more seats in the Senate. - As long as they retain the majority, this should still work. I think the GOP would fight this, but having a CLinton on the Supreme Court is going to make funraising easy for the next 25 years.
3. Someone has to step down as Justice Stevens and Ginsburg are both over 75, and Ginsburg has health issues. Small obstacle, but still, this is power, and few give it up.
4. Someone talks. If this leaked out before the general, McCain and the GOP could say the Dems are dealing to fix your future. If it leaked out afterwards, it could hurt Obama's chances of re-election.

Hillary has the credentials, and everything feels right about this on the liberal side of the world. Just know that you read it here first if 3 years from now a President Obama is proud to nominate Hillary Clinton for the Supreme Court.

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