Monday, April 07, 2008

Boycotting the 2008 Olympics

I'm boycotting the 2008 Olympics. Check out this wonderful article on the current state of China and their economic miracle. It's no miracle. It is corrupt, crony capitalism taking advantage of tons of poor folks to bring in tons of investment and dollars for Party members. I love the Chinese people, but the oligarchy in charge of that nation bothers me. People, mostly lefty bloggers, bitch about the police state known as the USA, but they have nothing to bitch about in comparison to what the people of China go through because of their Party leaders. I'm making my stand right now, no Olympics, I will not watch you.

How come the Chinese can prop up horrible military governments in Burma and perform countless atrocities against their Buddhist Tibetan citizens and Muslim immigrants and get a free pass from the mainstream media? They are beating on Buddhist monks. These are pretty peaceful guys that are the local leaders as they are usually the only ones who can read in their villages. They live amongst the people and provide services that the Chinese commies damn well aren't providing the people. The French are at least saying they might boycott the opening ceremonies (wait, so does Clinton, must be because the Euros think it's a good idea). Whooptedoo, boycott the games. Do not give this regime a sense of acceptance.

My disgust with the lack of leadership from any corporation in helping these tyrants manipulate and exploit their people. We have the capital infrastructure in place. It is a matter of hiring the people and having the jobs here. Taking into account the rising wage problems in China, the environmental damage production in China causes, and the supply chain disruptions of their Mad Max economy, paying workers in Cleveland 30K a year can't be that much more than what you pay someone in one of China's coastal provinces to do. For feminists out there, we're talking about a nation that sets a one child policy that forces abortions on women. A policy that in a culture that values boys, has lead to a 120 male to 100 female live birth ratio. Where's your outrage? Oh yeah, it's tucked away with your outrage over Muslim treatment of women that you have failed to recognize, and how you fail to, ahem, take pride in the fact that Afganistan suddenly has thousands of young girls in school after our overthrowing of the Taliban.

I'm sick of this shit. If I am one person doing this on my own and sound like an idiot, so be it. I'm out.

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