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The Prequels in My Head: Prequel 1

Ok here goes, this is my vision for the Star Wars Prequels. There are a couple of storylines to run with: 1. the story arc for Anakin 2. the fall of the Republic 3. the destruction of the Jedi 4. the love story. Some of them tie together in my mind. I consider Anakin's fall as the big piece of the destruction of the Jedi. These are just outlines, but here's my point, how the heck did Lucas waste entire movies not showing Anakin becoming powerful and then becoming bad.

Episode 1

Background: The galaxy has that used look to it. Things are not going well and the Republic is dealing with systems wanting to shoot off on their own. The Jedi are assigned to systems and worlds to act as mediators in disputes or additional war advisors, leaders, commandos, ninja like guys. Older Jedi are used as force multipliers and battle mediation in big battles and to teach younger Jedi in the apprentice mode. Younger Jedi act as knights in battle, not quasi-God figures. This is a blatant rip off of medieval times or the samurai idea with Knights and their apprentices.


A major system is trying to break off from the Republic and bring with it smaller systems that supply it some basics. Obi Wan Kenobi and his peer Qui Gon Jin are sent to help the local Jedi try to retain influence and help the Republic forces battling irregulars. There's some battles to show the Jedi kick butt. Obi Wan ends up tracking a ship that is gunrunning and smuggling goods for the irregulars. Despite their Jedi mind tricks, they can't dissuade the pilot from getting through. This would be a space flight scene for popcorn fun. Obi Wan mind locks onto this pilot, and the other Jedi end up busting up the shipment and meet up with the pilot. The pilot is Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker fights and flies for whomever pays the best. Anakin joins the Jedi in a ground battle, and Obi Wan notices how Anakin never misses with his aim. During a lull, Obi Wan and Qui Gon explain to him the Force and how Anakin is unknowingly using it to aim in the heat of battle. They do some small Force "lift up rock special effect gimmick" practice with him.

Back at the galaxy center, the future Emperor is just a political figure who is arguing for more forceful application of weapons, men and Jedi. Yoda and Samuel L. Jedi are brought in to represent the Jedi and offer solutions. Their take on it: The Republic is crumbling from too many people wanting a say in how the galaxy should be run. Wants to go back to ways of regional and planetary control, sending Jedi as advisors and guardians rather than warriors. Samuel L. explains that too much power in the hands of the star fleet or the Jedi can be corrupting. He knows as he once went down the dark path (see? a cool, formerly conflicted and now reformed Jedi). Obi Wan contacts Yoda with news of finding a new student for the Force. He talks of sending him to Yoda to train.

Another battle causes the Jedi to meet up with the System's pro-Republic leaders. One of these is hot, space love interest, Amidala. While meeting with her people, the Jedi figure out through meditation that this system is doomed to breakway but they must get this woman out of there as she is an important and uncertain piece of the future. Then there is the chase getaway scene planetside with the guys and Amidala breaking out, a retreat by the Republic and of course, an awesome flight escape scene to showcase Anakin's pilot ability and new Force control. Obi Wan then offers to take Anakin in as a student in the Force, to which Anakin agrees on the ship.

Obi Wan meets with Yoda at galaxy center to discuss Anakin. Yoda is upset Obi Wan wants to take him in as a student since Obi Wan has never trained another Jedi on his own. Obi Wan goes forward with it. Qui Gon tells Yoda and other Jedi that he sensed 'bad Jedi" juju on that planet during battle. Wants to investigate further. Montage of Jedi training with Obi Wan and Anakin on some planet. This should convey the passage of time like it has been months. Maybe Obi Wan grows the beard during this montage. Show Qui Gon flying to a different system, talking to locals, sensing for bad Jedi but seeming one step behind at each stop. Time has definitely elapsed. Back at Obi Wan's pad, Amidala is there so you can have interaction between her and the guys. The guys use Force tricks around her for lame flirting. Throughout this, Obi Wan is the polite, good guy, Anakin is the wise guy, show off. Obi Wan gets communication from Qui Gon that he has tracked bad Jedi juju to a system. Obi Wan and Anakin take off to meet up with him and help.

Back in galaxy center, Republic realizes that they are spread too thin to fight & hold the breakaway systems. The future Emperor gets his way and clones are ordered and a more aggressive fight is taken to the systems. Communication comes back of another system breaking away. Republic sends Jedi there with starships for a fight. Obi Wan and Anakin get into system and once in, alerts go up all around them for a possible invasion by the Republic. They meet up with Qui Gon who explains that the bad Jedi juju is on the planet and he traced it to some figure meeting with the govt. The invasion/declaration of independence must be tied together with the bad Jedi. They stalk this figure. Qui Gon instructs Anakin to follow leaders as "Jedi representative", and they will corner this bad Jedi. Back at galaxy center, Yoda and Samuel L. Jedi wonder why so many Jedi were sent to this battle.
Final action sequence that has space battle as Republic ships must breach system defenses and space ships and ground battle of Qui Gon/Obi Wan vs. bad Jedi. Lots of space battle special effects. Something quite obvious must be made of a ship carrying the Jedi Force multipliers & knights being attacked far more ferociously than anything else early and destroyed. Anakin meets with leaders and has dull conversation. During the conversation have some kind of cool audio dubbing so that it sounds like what the character is thinking as if Anakin were going through his mind like going through a file cabinet. He figures out that bad Jedi has offered protection and influence of his power and his master's power over the battle if they breakaway from the Republic. Qui Gon and Obi Wan have lightsaber battle with bad Jedi (I envision the excellent lightsaber battle from Episode 1). One major difference. Anakin traces back to them and witnesses bad Jedi knock out Obi Wan and kill Qui Gon. Anakin then starts using Force to throw objects at bad Jedi. Some of this is anger and some fear. Obi Wan gets back with it and kills bad Jedi as he is distracted by Anakin's Force projectiles. Instantly, space battle shifts in favor of Republic, they smash defenses and await in orbit response from govt. Planet surrenders authority back to Republic.

Scene where Anakin, Obi Wan and Yoda talk of the bad Jedi, this dark master (might it be Samuel L.), the dead, good Jedi, and the battle demands placed more and more on the Jedi. They both talk to Anakin about his dabbling into the darker side of the Force with how he used aggression after seeing Qui Gon die. There is an exchange of how tempting and easy it is to slip down that path for power. Montage of: Clones being grown in tubes, Republic starts sending out clones for battles, and a garrison is set up on that breakaway planet at the end, showing how militarism is creeping into Republic's ways, Obi Wan and Anakin flying back doing Force practice moves & return back to his planet/pad for training and give the big hugs/smiles exchange with Amidala (dressed like above picture).

The End.

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