Sunday, March 09, 2008

Harrison Ford and Japanese Cartoons

You listen to me!

Gimme back my family!

Now get off my plane!
Harrison Ford rocks. He's great at playing the 'everyman' character. He's not stunningly handsome, he's not super tough, but there is something about him that makes you cheer him on and like him. My sister had a super crush on him pretty much up to now, and I enjoyed all of his work, even lesser known films like Mosquito Coast (watch it). The image is of this Japanese manga adaptation of the Star Wars trilogy that was back in the mid 90s. Well, at least that was when I saw them on sale. They were brilliant, and while I do not normally like Japanese comics, I thought these adaptations were brilliant as they could explain much more than what was on film. I wish I had bought them back then.
I find most Japanese cartoons and comics to be terrible. When people accuse American children of having short attention spans, I watch a Japanese cartoon and nearly have seizures. The women drawn in Japanese manga and anime are even more ridiculous than the average American comic book heroine, with a quarter of the sexiness. Seriously, what is with all of the "Bug Eye" people? The other thing that bothers me is that the Japanese do not have traditional pornography. They have all of their pornography in cartoon form. Whatever floats your boat. This disturbs me on different levels. This is also the reason why I chuckle when people criticize Western culture.

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