Friday, March 21, 2008

Great Idea for a Sneaker Advert

Because of March Madness, many American men are being subjected to beer, truck, macho movie and athletic gear ads. Nike likes to run ads that look slick and define what is cool. I think Nike is good at creating millions of zombies in our nation's high school athletic programs. The designs at Nike have slipped over the years, which is why Under Armour has been slowly gaining marketshare. In response to Nike's adverts, I have a perfect idea for a New Balance ad.

New Balance does not make all of their shoes in America, but some are made in the USA and soem are assembled in the USA. I would create a 30 second ad that would have Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown" as a soundtrack. I would intercut shots of closed up mills in different parts of the USA and black screens with 2 or 3 sentence snippets that explain the thousands of jobs Nike sent to Southeast Asia throughout the last 25 years. I would finish it with a still operating plant in the States for New Balance, and some phrase like "the only things that run at our company are our shoes".

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