Wednesday, March 05, 2008


For 25-40 minutes a day, I daydream. I do not know if that is healthy, but I daydream. Sometimes it is about things that are completely out of the realm of possiblity like flying or being able to toss things around with telekinetic ability. Sometimes I see someone and then map out the rest of their night in my head. When I do that trick, I usually do the narration of that person's night with a different voice. Once in a while, I daydream about the past and different choices that could have been made and what it would have done to me. Usually, these choices were not mine to make. It is amazing the incredible effects parents have on their children even with the small things that they consider meaningless. I do not have regrets. Not over my actions.

I think daydreaming is a bit healthier than when I practice an accent or an imitation in the car on the way home. That has to look far worse to other drivers. They might be expecting to see a "bluetooth" in my ear, but they do not. Must be a bit frightening.

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