Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cowboys and Free Agency

My dream for this offeason for the Cowboys is no ridiculous contracts for big name free agents. Let's just keep our guys and fill some holes Let's also avoid the idiotic trade that Don Banks predicts the Cowboys would do for the 7 pick from New England, which would go down as one of the dumbest trades ever just fro an unproven rookie RB (2 firsts for their first). Like anyone would do that with the Pats after the trades they pulled last year. People should know by now that when you trade with the Pats, you're probably getting ripped off. Dallas has around 25 mil in cap space, which might be more considering the Ferguson deal they just pulled off.

Ideal Moves
1. Draft WR to go with Owens and Crayton. I would prefer this to be one of the two 1st round picks we have. Dallas does need to get younger at this position. Ideal player: Mario Manningham. He just might drop enough that they could pick him up at the 29 spot. I don't care about that combine 40; I saw him play on Saturdays.
2. Draft a CB. This should be priority number 1. We need someone else to use with Newman. Henry is a bit slower, but still useful versus larger receivers because he is taller than the average DB. Ideal Candidate: The Cromartie kid or Mike Jenkins. I would like Cromartie because he si a big bigger which is better to deal with Plaxico Burress in the division, and he could manhandle the Iggles and Redskins midget WRs.
3. Sign or draft in later rounds (3rd-5th) a speed back to go with Barber. All of this talk of using a first round pick on a RB is stupid. They have bigger needs than RB. Ideal Candidate: Pick up Steve Slaton in the 4th round. I don't liek wasting a first rounder on a back when we have one of the top 10 or top 5 backs in the NFL already. Let's just pick up speed. Heck, signing Tatum Bell would be a good idea that "Hashmarks" suggested yesterday.
4. Figure out if Hamlin is the answer long term at free safety. This is a player evaluation bit. I would sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal and get rid fo that franchise tag label that is chewing up cap space. Ideal Move: Sign him to 3 years, use him for 2, cut his ass when we draft Taylor Mays or some other stud FS prospect.
5. Pick up a back up for Romo. Romo's thumb injury last year showed how dangerous it is to use Brad Johnson as the back up. Ideal Candidate: Chris Simms. I know he is under contract with the Bucs, but somethign has to give with the logjam of QBs down there. He is competent.

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