Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client #9

Eliot Spitzer likes his punani paid for and classy. I love seeing this almost as much as seeing the Patriots get their hats handed to them last month. This is the best schadenfruede 6 week period ever. Spitzer builds a 'reputation' by going after easy bad guys like Wall St. and insurance companies. No one really likes him, but he gets wonderful media treatment and waltzes into the governor's office. Two years later and the guy is contemplating resignation because he pays hookers $5500/hour for good loving. I love how MSNBC said he faces GOP impeachment threat. WHy wouldn't a governor face impeachment hearings for felonies? why not? I mean c'mon McGreevey resigned for being gay and giving his lover a plum position. No pun intended. This is uglier as he flew a hooker down for sex in DC. I do have a few questions though...

1. Why couldn't he have a normal affair? Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. He didn't need to pay for sex. A normal affair would keep him in office. Hiring hookers and committing felonies doesn't.
2. Who is this hooker? At $5500/hour, I am expecting Cindy Crawford.
3. What does a person do for $5500/hour? Does a client get to go to 6th base? Are we going to find out disturbing details of his preferences?
4. Who are clients #1-8? Are we talking about Charlie Sheen and some European and Middle Eastern playboys? That would be my guess.
5. When did he start going to hookers? A person does nto start with $5500/hour hookers. A guy has to break in at a lower level. I bet he started in the '70s when NYC was a much friskier city of sin. Maybe he went down to Atlantic City for some $50 hookers to get a rush.
6. How did this mob controlled organization not set Spitzer up for anything like the Senator in Godfather 2? This plays out like a movie. What governor would be dumb enough to do this, especially in this day and age?

I am a bit sad as well by this news. Spitzer was a guy who was from an uberrich family but still felt for us common folks. I disliked his grandstanding, but he didn't seem to be as much of a slimeball, in bed with business politician like say any of our presidential candidates. On an extended timeline, I pictured Spitzer as a 3 term governor who would consider running for president in 2016 or 2020. I thought the future was incredibly bright for him on a national stage. Sadly, this is all done. Sure, he was a total dick and coerced a lot of people to do things and throw themselves on swords.

Spitzer also made enemies with this guy. Mo Greenberg did not survive a concentration camp, get to the top of AIG, create a wonderful legacy for his family in the insurance business to then get swept out of the insurance industry by a pencil neck, "crusading AG" like Spitzer. If this was somehow a set up, I would laugh my ass off to find out it was Maurice Greenberg. Still, if he hadn't just dialed those numbers, he could be riding high.

Then again, if Ted Kennedy had saved Mary Jo Kopechne, he would have been president in 1976.

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