Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Scottish Accents

Scottish people voted that Christopher Lambert in "Highlander" has the worst Scottish accent in film history. I wholeheartedly agree. I didn't realize he was playing a real Scottish guy when I first saw the movie. I thought he was an alien trying to fit in with Scots. He was awful. If you notice, the list has some of the best known portrayals of Scottish people. Why doesn't Hollywood just try to cast one true Scottish person in a Scottish role?

Highlander is an awesome movie that would have been even bigger had they cast a halfway decent actor in the lead role. The villain is brilliant. Sean Connery plays the older, wise man who instructs the young Highlander about his abilities. There are several great fight scenes. The two storylines in separate times work well together. Somehow, every, single time I watch the movie, I can't help but think how much the lead sucks. This was a worse casting choice than Heather Graham in Austin Powers 2.

One accent that was nominated unfairly was Michael Myers' Shrek accent. I do not think Shrek was suppose to be Scottish. I think Myers crossed his Scottish accent up with a Canadian accent and gave birth to Shrek. It is a movie for children so a true blue Scottish accent might be too hard for them to follow. I was one of the few people who did not like Shrek. I did not like the jokes for the most part. I thought the Eddie Murphy donkey character was pretty lame. I did like the gingerbread man and countless other fairy tale references and wish they had been expanded on in the film. Instead we watched a tale that said it is not nice to judge or make fun of people for being ugly on the outside (shrek and ugly people), but it is ok to make fun of short people (john lithgow's character). Way to go Hollywood.

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Anonymous said...

You're basing Lambert's entire perform just on his ACCENT?

Yeah, I admit it was nothing like a Scottish accent. I still think his performance was decent, and I honestly can't see anyone else as Connor MacLeod.

What about Connery? His character was supposed to be Egyptian/Spanish. He sure didn't sound like either.