Friday, February 29, 2008

Fire Alarm Gabrielle Union

I stumbled upon this photo of Gabrielle Union, and had to include it. I give her special props for fighting off Hollywood's demands that actresses either get implants or get anorexia,a nd in some cases, both. You keep fighting the good fight, especially considering you are 35 now.

Sadly, she was in that direct-to-video quality movie "The Perfect Holiday". It was one of those movies that employs the lesser known half of black Hollywood, has terrible jokes, and does no one a favor. It's like 90 mins of your life gone. I catch these films on BET or Showtime every Blue Moon, and usually hate myself afterwards for even watching 10 minutes of them.

I hate typcasting, and I hate token characters even more. If I had a tv show or made a movie, groundrules would be:

1. Casting based on ability. Since my show would not be a vehicle for a person, it could be cast by ability. Think of the success of X-Files, The Wire, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc. All had good casting that had little to do with good looks. I'd even throw Lost in there. In fact, David Duchovny told the casting directors of the X-Files that if they did not hire Gillian Anderson and went with a bimbo, he'd walk out.
2. Women have to look more normal than they do in every other show. More womanly shaped. Sure there might be an anorexic looking character, but looking like a woman would be a must.
3. No tokens. If a character is of a minority or a majority set in a minority setting, there must be a reason for this that is perfectly logical. It always shocked me growing up how every sitcom or drama had Jewish characters, yet I knew none growing up. I went to college, and that changed everything. Still, I then had to educate my Jewish friends on how the non-NYC world demographics. I think the sitcoms messed them up more than it did me. Worst example of this was the black guy in the bad ski movie "Out Cold".
4. Backbones. Characters would have backbones unless it was established that a character is a pushover. I think far too often female characters are portrayed as complete pushovers, unless this character is labelled the "bitch". Guys whine and pine way too much over one girl for multiple seasons. This might happen in real life for a couple months, but then the guy starts whining and pining for someone new.
5. Black, female characters would not be sassy. Not in any way, shape or form. Gay, male characters can be ugly, old or not in shape. Dads will not always be dumb. Kids will not be smarter than their parents. Stereotypes would be minimzed.
6. Characters do not learn life lessons. Most adults I have met do not learn lessons and rarely change. Same as the show.
7. One British character with a British accent. This would then allow for me to have an episode where we bleep out half of his dialogue because he keeps dropping the c-word since the Brits use it non-stop and don't consider it bad.
8. One character gambles on football which would culminate to the Super Bowl episode where he won a ton of different bets and proved that gambling can sometimes end on a decent or happy note.
9. Adult characters would drink alcohol on the screen. Remember Christine Baranski's character on Cybill, and how she was always drinking but then CBS kow towed to pressure and stopped her drinking and then the show jumped the shark? yeah? Booze would not be blocked on my show.

There are more of course from my partner in the show writing.

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