Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wilders' Weimarish Headwinds

Nationalists across the West watched the Dutch election results trickle in last week. Geert Wilders' party did not race to the top, but did see a large gain in number of seats won. A Romney type saw his party retain its hold on leadership, and a coalition government will be cobbled shortly. Some American nationalists were scratching their heads at the odd way this unfolded. Wilders faces a tougher battle than Trump, and works within a much more Weimar framework than the two party American system.

The Dutch have a parliamentary system with a nice low barrier to entry, so of course the Dutch have many parties with some representation (just like Weimar Germany). The Dutch don't use a 'first past the post' system like the Anglosphere nations, so as long as your party gets over some low hurdle of votes, you're getting a seat. In cotnrast, the UKIP won the fourth most votes in the UK general election of '14 but not a single seat.

Wilders' party has to jump this hurdle and also face the problem of being such a naughty party (simply for being anti-open borders) that all other parties have stated they will not for a coalition government with them. In essence, Wilders party has to win outright or reach a high enough level that they can pluck off a smaller, neglected party that will eventually cave to them in order to form a government. This no coalition declaration works against them with the messaging to voters as 'who wants to waste a vote'.

Besides Widlers party gaining seats, the big reveal this election is the possible future for all left wing white parties in Europe that rely on Muslim votes. Turks nurtured and trained by the Dutch Labour party formed a Turko-Dutch party and won three seats. Labour dropped like a rock as the Turks went one way and the whites voted for the Greens. This could happen in all Euro nations with their Muslim voters unless the Muslims take a slower approach and just wait for time to work for them so they can inherit the infrastructure the established parties will have. Time will tell, but no one is declaring them a party that they will not for a coalition government with.

This whole parliament of many parties works to the managerialists' advantage. The elite can make sure their big ticket items get passed through, and that anything they want to deem verboten can be squeezed out on fringe parties. Even Widlers being labeled untouchable works in their favor. All other parties get money and time if they spout open borders nonsense, and can form coalitions to make sure it continues. These splinter party or narrowcasted parties can be maginalized easily. Even if Wilders' team wins the most seats, if they cannot form a coalition government, there is a new election.

This set up basically reveals what Trump is up against and how the American system benefited him and anyone else who wants secured borders. In a parliamentary system, we would have seen Sanders (Greens), Clinton (democrat socialists), Bush (conservatives) and Trump (nationalists) square off. Say the split had been, 30% Clinton-Trump 25%-Sanders 25%-Bush 20%. Even had Trump won 25% of the vote, the managed middle could have cobbled together a coalition between say Clinton and their party's choice of Sanders or Bush to make a majority of seats. The demands of the junior partner in the coalition would have decided how team Clinton would partner. This is effectively who Trump is up against now in Congress as the Bush wing of the GOP is undermining him.

The road ahead for Wilders is difficult. For all of Europe, it is difficult except for those who seek civilizational suicide. Even big talkers like Soros see the EU in tatters as things continue on their course. What voting does now in the EU is draw up the order of battle. It is only a matter of time before one nation's tension boils over or a horde of imported criminals loots, rapes and murders its way across one country.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Redundancy is a time honored USG tradition. Why buy one when you can get two for twice the price? It is not simply overpaying or padding contracts. Look at how our military has some oddities. As one long time vet explained to me, our Marines have an air force, but our Marines are the Army for our Navy. Don't forget that the Navy has an air force. The intelligence agencies are playing this game, too.

In the initial Wikileaks Vault 7 release, America really received a confirmation of its suspicions about CIA's capabilities. If you were cynical, it confirmed things whereas average Americans might have expressed shock or outrage. They probably did not as March Madness and The Bachelor are happening right now, and they live shamelessly. A few may have turned, and digging into the details is a help.

A very important reveal is that CIA built its own NSA. CIA used its black box budget, and ample increases during the Obama admin to form this NSA tech fortress. In Wikileaks release,
Since 2001 the CIA has gained political and budgetary preeminence over the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA found itself building not just its now infamous drone fleet, but a very different type of covert, globe-spanning force — its own substantial fleet of hackers. The agency's hacking division freed it from having to disclose its often controversial operations to the NSA (its primary bureaucratic rival) in order to draw on the NSA's hacking capacities. 
By the end of 2016, the CIA's hacking division, which formally falls under the agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other "weaponized" malware. Such is the scale of the CIA's undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook. The CIA had created, in effect, its "own NSA" with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.

Similar to the Navy having its own Army, this is the CIA having its own NSA, but with a far weaker rationale than the Marines existing as a separate entity. CIA is an empire itself that operates for the nudging and control of our foreign empire, so using its unaccountable budget and power to create an NSA it can fully control makes sense. CIA has no concern for anything but its survival. Enlarging its empire to include an NSA would only harden it and make it more antifragile.

As Wikileaks notes with the drone citation, CIA has been playing turf wars with NSA and DoD. As President Obama left office, he transferred control of the drone fleet to the Pentagon. This big, beautiful fleet they had directed and controlled suddenly went over to the JSOC. As unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic fighting grows, this is a loss for CIA not just for control but for development and institutional knowledge. Defense suddenly can fill the pipeline and accrue the expertise. This does make sense for aligning units. When a target is spotted, someone has to set up the UAV for takeoff, it has to be based somewhere, a pilot flies it, targets get verified as killed. JSOC should control this weapon. Trump has allowed CIA to resume opetating some drone strikes. It is unclear how much and what are the parameters.

One can see CIA's motivations now. One can also start to see another motivation behind CIA building its own secret NSA in this 2013-2016 timeframe. What else happened in 2013 that caused a national conversation that surprisingly got little traction? Snowden. Snowden released the details about how NSA and the tech giants were snooping on you. Mr. Greenwald still has not released the entire Snowden treasure trove, but there was enough to get the talk going about NSA and if this should continue.

One possibility, and this fits the institutional fight model, is that CIA built their own NSA anticipating a massive reduction in what the NSA could do and its capabilities. CIA wanted to have an NSA to become a resource in the intelligence turf battle. If DoD gets the drones, and yes, even the CFR was calling for this in 2013, and the DIA with Michael Flynn was building up a rival intel source that was integrated with military combat units, what would CIA have? Sigint was their major investment in the '70s and '80s as they scaled back their human intel network and had to deal with Church Committee fallout.

CIA did not expect a nation to just roll over on the Snowden revelations. CIA is actually is a worse spot right now. NSA still exists in size and scope as in 2013. Why does CIA have its own NSA? Destroying this is a far easier sell to the American public, especially with a President that is supposedly a war with CIA. At a minimum, CIA looks poor arming jihadis for the last five years in Syria and picking a fight with the elected president. Even worse, their incompetence is an advertisement against them. As I joked on twitter, if CIA knows all of this information, data and can hack anything, why are they still screwing up?

CIA delenda est.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Social Matter - Population vs Civilization Replacement

New essay is up at Social Matter. These are two different types of immigration. While a nation should have the power to say yes or no to anyone, there is a distinct difference in how the new arrivals view the political bodies they are entering. Not all barbarians are equal.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Maddow's Moment + SM Review-Preview 82

Rachel Maddow decided to embarrass herself on television. Everyone mocked her for the epic fail. People calling this her "Al Capone's Vault" moment are 100% correct. Where these people are wrong is saying this ends or destroys her career. It won't. These people never lose their jobs or status.

Geraldo Rivera, who on live television went into Capone's Vault to find nothing, is still employed. He still is used to cover wars and campaigns. Geraldo even idiotically revealed positions of US troops on live television during Iraq War 2, and he still has a job. These fools never ever lose their jobs. Even when they do like Dan Rather, they get trotted out for television appearances later. He has slithered out this last year to pontificate on Trump.

Maddow and her team knew what they had. It was not a surprise to them. They saw the documents and knew what the numbers showed. They had painted themselves in a corner. This is why the obsession with the taxes actually hurt them. They did their 'rich white guy' trick on Trump as they had in 2012 on Romney, except this time, it failed. He played by his rules.

They never let it go. They let it be months of build up, as well as fuel memes. Clinton even said Trump didn't pay taxes. This also fed their meme that he really isn't that rich. Forbes sets him at $4 billion, so his $10 billion claim is dubious, but Forbes is pretty good with their analysis. Had the media dropped it, Maddow never would have walked into this trap.

Of course this was a trap. Consider her situation. Maddow and her team get his taxes. They see he made big money, paid big taxes, and because he was not using any of the $916 million loss from 1995, it means he made over $916 in taxable income from '96-'04. This eviscerates every Lefty talking point. Every single one. Maddow could not avoid airing them.

Why? If team Trump leaked them, then team Trump could start a whisper campaign and use media surrogates to say 'hey the taxes are out there' and other statements of faux worry. They could force Maddow and team to release them with this by goading her or threatening that the documents are elsewhere, too.

Maddow should have moved on, but being the Jewish journalist she is, she could not. They live for this hysteria and mania. it feeds their clicks and viewership. It gives them ratings to charge advertisers in that con game. They will not stop. They will always push something. They will never be held accountable. Tune them out and mock them at every turn.


Last week I wrote on the curious case of Japan evolving into capital. Weimerica Weekly was on the problem of finding a Weimerican Wife.

This week I will contrast the immigration from the Third World versus the Islamic world and how there is an historical precedent for viewing this contrast as distinct. Weimerica Weekly might be an interview. The wife podcast sparked some feedback from someone willing to talk.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

WW1 - American Stupidity

This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer in March of 1917. This is an American media outlet celebrating the abdication and revolution going on within a piece of the alliance that America would join within a month. No one knew what this meant for the war effort. Russia's withdrawal and separate peace would place great strain on the Western Front. This is why getting America to come as soon as possible and throw men into the fight mattered so much. The Western powers had lost their Russian steamroller. 

Exporting democracy for a century. No concept of who were the psychopaths overthrowing the Tsar. No idea how messy revolution truly is. The cynic in me wonders if Jacob Schiff commissioned this out of his hot hatred for the Tsar. We know now that the oppression of the Tsars was nothing in comparison to one week of the Red Terror.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Harrison Bergeron CRISPR Babies

CRISPR babies! Oh no it's Gattaca! Oh no the rich will get a huge leg up! Oh no it is eugenics! These fears are actually horribly misplaced and reflect the poor politics of our time. These fears also completely misread the idea that technology and science is downstream of politics. What is our dominant ideology? Progressivism. How is it implemented? Managerialism. What is its unifying glue or pitch to its disparate factions? Egalitarianism. If CRISPR babies become a reality, one has to map this product or service to the progressive run territory.

This approach does not take into account the Chinese dabbling in this already. One can see the Chinese with their one child policy, recently loosened a bit, pushing parents to toy with their kids to bainsmax, looksmax, heightmax, etc. for their children. Rather than saving up to buy some crappy apartment in Shanghai, they can save up for a more perfect child. The Chinese have a less prog blinkered approach to hunting for the genes that control X or Y, and one can see how they could be more willing to take risks considering their past.

This is about America though and the American obsession with equality. Eugenics is a bad word for humans despite the American focus on breeding horses, dogs, roses, crops and every other artificial selection process to improve for a desired trait in some life form. The fear with eugenics is that the selection by parents will ultimately reveal what traits are desired and found more frequently elsewhere, which will reveal the inequality of nature that progs try so hard to suppress exists. Progs already play into this by stating 'thinness is whiteness' despite the fact that graduation photos from 1980 show plenty of thin black women.

What would be the problem of Gattaca kids? It would set some people up with a genetic benefit that they have to act upon. Look at the rich now. Some of their kids waste talents and gifts. Same could happen with CRISPR babies. What was wrong with Gattaca anyway? They could go to the stars because they had brainiacs that could calculate space trips and physically withstand space travel. Pianists with extra fingers for superior piano playing. It is a great film, and even ahead of its time with the future-vintage aesthetic. The problem was that what, some were given an edge when others were not, and even in the film, they cite how not everyone's designer kid pans out.

The rich could afford this at first. Not just the rich. The rich and those who saved and invested in this option. This market would grow and expand, driving down costs. We all know that with progressives in charge, there would be vouchers or mandatory requirements of designer baby firms to provide for disadvantaged parents. Anyone crying about access only has to look at any technology with early adopters. The poorest of Americans owns smartphones and has access to medical technology they cannot afford. The mandarins of our managerial system would find a way.

One is not even considering the Brahmin approach though to CRISPR kids. These people are born and bred in a victim culture. Everyone seeks their victim badge. Would it not make sense to apply this to CRISPR kids. Start thinking of these kids as the world of Harrison Bergeron would. A good prog parent duo would have a CRISPR kid that would be 6'2", chiseled, blue eyed, dark haired, a 160 IQ but also weekly debilitating migraines. Maybe the perfect daughter is designed, in their mind, smart, light haired, green eyed, .70 waist to hip ratio, but she has Crohn's disease. This is how progs would maimgeld their designer babies to deny privilege.

I cited Harrison Bergeron for a reason because there is a far darker application of CRISPR that would be more in line with the story. Why raise everyone up, when progs can mandate to eliminate every privilege and bring everyone down to a lowest common denominator. Vonnegut's short story had a society that harmed and limited individuals to take away their God given gifts. This is what privilege talk aims at from a financial perspective. In a progs' point of view, which is oddly supported by boots straps conservatives, why not start everyone at crap level and force the ol' A for effort race?

Apply it to genetics. Is this not what the mass immigration and miscegenation aims are for anyway? Meld everyone down into a beige humanity that cannot threaten the ruling oligarchy. There can be no threat to the elite if there is no new rising elite to challenge it. The CRISPR dream is a world of Mozarts, but a dose of cynicism is correct here. What amazing modern tech has reached mass audiences and not been turned into a darker application for more firm elite control?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Social Matter - Werica Weekly - Weimerican Wives

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one covers finding a wife in the wasteland that is Weimerica. What to look for, hidden gems, and changing your mindset to look for a wife, not just a lay.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Frogtwitter Lives

Twitter continues to purge accounts. The big ones of Frogtwitter are gone though, but if you search hard enough, you can find the banned returning. It is hard keeping a good frog down. The point pushed in the Medium essay on the mass banning of Frogtwitter was that these men are "vaguely right-wing intellectuals interested in critiquing Western life". From their perch on the mental outskirts of mass culture while physically swimming in it, they can provide a much needed point of view. The bans are not stopping them.

The men of Frogtwitter will be providing content at for their fans. (I have been informed that is not going to be the main site). Another group blog of sorts? Do I have to read more text, Sherman? No, it is not going to stop there. In Faceberg's own words,
This site is to showcase some of our writing and ideas while we work on an even bigger project. It's a communal blog of sorts for the members of frogtwitter. 
The next stage or next phase of the project will be a multimedia project for your consumption. With the frogtwitter power comes responsibility, and that responsibility is good content. The limitations of 140 characters and images will be gone. I anticipate much from this liberation.

When Mena was kicked off of Twitter, I remarked that Twitter at its finest is an art form. He was one of the best. Faceberg (handle @weimerica) is another top notch content provider. Much of what I do with Weimerica Weekly podcast is social commentary, but I can only speak with others about the single game. I am a dad now. These men are the single men walking the wasteland of Weimerica. These are the Swole Houellebecqs of our cities (Swolebecqs?). A podcast roundtable about their experiences in the dating market would be a must listen.

With how young these men are, these are the adults who have been raised in this mess. A 25 year old barely has cultural memories before "I did not have sexual relations", Ellen coming out, California being surrendered and the rise of video game culture. Often online or even at quiet, intimate parties, people talk about the cultural bubbles that they or others live in. The content that these young men produce will be an opportunity to pierce those bubbles. It may be an opportunity to look inside another bubble.

The much lauded "Beat" writers were actually just outsiders who could not integrate with normie '50s culture. Whether a fan or not, there is something to their writing that draws people in. This may be the only similarity the two groups share, but that is why I interact and follow the men of Frogtwitter. There is always content that draws me in. I wish them good luck. Keep lifting, keep posting.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Social Matter - Japan Becoming Capital

New essay at Social Matter. People might be confused as to why Japan would help Americans get jobs by the hundreds of thousands because the regular world of employment driven economic policy is their mindset. Japan is slightly different. This is a bit more Landian than I normally get, but think about where this process could lead Japan.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Valuing Privacy + SM Review-Preview 81

The Wikileaks Vault 7 dump came and has confirmed what many of us suspected. The normies will not give credit to the paranoid crowd, and one doubts if they will even notice or change their behaviors. There was something peculiar revealed that I will write on later because it relates back to Snowden and the NSA reveals from 2013. We can also admit that privacy is now a supreme value while simultaneously saying we do not value it.

People who care about privacy are in a bind as everything you type, say and do is recorded somewhere. It can be used against you whenever they want to use it. What do you do? You might start with rejecting their consumer social media services. That is easy. People still email. People still call. If you value it the utmost, it might cause you to reorient to a more localized circle. All of this social media enabled our atomized, spread out social circles.

Forget email and letters, consider the advance of cell phone rates and spread or even Skype/Facetime. For the record, everyone who said that Microsoft bought Skype and then forced all calls to go to Washington before going to the recipient so someone could record and store them was 100% right. When I went to college, unlimited talk was not a thing. I had a cell phone my senior year, and none of my housemates did. They are everywhere now and in every social class. It makes separation easier, but it places every bit of communication in a centralized power's hands if they want.

But who really values privacy? It is a small number of people. If we valued privacy, we would also feel shame. We are a shameless society. We overshare. We often hear 'don't judge'. This is a society geared to inclusion (except prole white habits). No one can care about privacy when they do not feel any shame at their personal lives being revealed, especially when they so often reveal the details.

It is not just a dumbed down society that ho-hums at these revelations. It is not just an increasingly non-white society that rolls over and does not care as long as the television is on and EBT cash flowing. It is who people have been massaged to be via social engineering. What's there to hide because what is there to be ashamed of? If you value your privacy, good luck finding ways to hold onto it.


Last week I covered how advertising is downstream of power and progressivism. The poz is deep but a function of who is in charge. Weimerica Weekly was extremely topical as I wanted to cover the Swole Left meme that is manufactured and a joke, but it wrapped well into the recent campus and streetfight shenanigans.

This week I will cover why Japan is eager to invest in American infrastructure and generate jobs for Americans and not the Japanese. Weimerica Weekly might get around to breastfeeding, but there's so much that you all send me to discuss that we will see.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

WW1 - Working Dogs

Dogs were used in great umber during WW1 among the trenches (animals in general were used by the millions). Medic dogs as shown above, and there were others trained to carry messages within the trench networks. Many dogs were also sent out into no man's land to provide men with temporary emergency medical supplies. For a man wounded in that hellscape, a friendly doge with a pack on his back must've been a Godsend. I have chosen pictures of animals with gas masks on as a consistent reminder that gas attacks, often just to flush men out of trenches or immobilize them, was a consistent worry for everyone at the front.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The AltRight Is Not Like Italian Futurism

The media has been desperately grasping for anything to explain exactly what happened with the Trump installation. Six bloggers with day jobs are supposedly whispering in Steve Bannon's ear. The What Is The AltRight essays have been steady and comical. One of the dumber essays recently was one that compared the AltRight to Italian Futurism.

This is an incredibly lazy piece that tries to tie Italian Futurism to the AltRight as a warning of sorts. Italian Futurism did exert influence on the Italian fascists. This terrible hit job on a variety of targets does not really produce any meaningful similarities. He even gets the entire altright wrong by saying individualism is the organizing myth, because this writer still desperately wants to fight the dead husk that is libertarianism. There is an underlying similarity that he is worried about and that is energetic white men striving for an ideal and focused on freedom from prog contraints. The writer seems more worried that the AltRight would give birth to a coherent political party that could take over a nation out of sheer will than focused on what the AltRight stands for today.

Italian Futurism was a movement with a firm art foundation. The only person in the dissident right who ever seemed to like the Italian futurists was Nydwracu who ran Theden years ago. On the dissident right, there is the discussion of aesthetics, but I do not see dissident right artists out there, yet. I bet Richard Spencer could cultivate this (he'd be perfect for this). I know Social Matter publishes a little prose and poetry, but having an outlet dedicated to fiction, poetry, etc. would be helpful.

What could they possibly draw on for a unified drive? A pro-West, pro-civilization narrative works, and even a stewardship of the environment and blood and soil connection would make sense. While many support technological advancement, there is a strong conservationist streak. Hannibal Bateman's consistent archaeo-future messaging is a theme artists could build around. If VoxDay changed tactics, he could turn Castalia House into a dissident right publishing house that churned out the anti-progressive content. Fiction or non-fiction written by Menaquinone4 critiquing the wasteland, any one of our men in California writing a "Stranger in a Strange Land" or "Invisible Man" book or essay, or the atomized individual in an Acela Corridor metropolis. Not just publish some select sci-fi or fantasy titles, but flood the zone. There is an American Houellebecq out there and major American publishers will not touch him, which provides opportunity.

The essay comparing the AltRight and Italian Futurism drips with fear. The author repeatedly has to say that the macho, violent new right works in lies and manipulations, because he assumes all leftist talking points as fact. It is a smear job that slaps meanie and evil on Bannon, AltRight, libertarians, freedom, strength and white men. The essay reads more like the navel gazing leftists that have spent decades fat and well fed realizing there are men not happy with being kept as tax earning pets for the state. With the decay of the Western economy, many men are not even farmed for tax and therefore have nothing to lose by rebelling or seeking greater fulfillment in other means. These progs still cannot grasp the dissidents among them in the educated and professional classes.

How weak, how absolutely obsessed with trivialities can one be to mock the love of flight? Flight is the absolute conquering of nature by intellect and mechanical arts, which separates man from animal. Humans can soar like birds via their mental prowess, and every single step of the process is amazing from the engine craftsmanship to jet fuel creation. To pshaw flight or the drive to space is the weakling's look at the 10m platform and dismissive comment "Who really needs to dive from there anyway". The essay smells of fear not just of 'the other' but of their own weakness and inability to dream anymore. They know social justice now pales in comparison to we will harness space for our use.

Until the dissident right can create a stream of art, it is unfair to compare it to Italian Futurism. Not unfair to the dissidents but to what the Italian Futurism was. Dissidents are a product of their society, and in a decayed and degraded society, there are decayed and degraded rebels. Jacobin, which also published a what is the atlright piece, is wrong to say channers are libertine psychopaths at odds with the more traditional wings of the dissident right. What they miss are the consistent messages of wanting more and wanting what was formerly normal and how the channers recognize that this is now transgressive in Weimerica.

What will remain and permeate the entire leftist sphere is the horrible realization that a solid chunk of their fellow whites and even fellow educated Westerners are completely at odds with the decadent, self-indulgent lifestyle that they live. The Left has total control of the levers of culture and power yet find them lacking a persuasive punch. For now they can point and laugh at an image of a clean cut white guy with a fashy haircut getting hit, but even in 2015, the fashy haircut was a bit played out at NPI. The leftist fear will drive them to lash at these obvious figures or even the evil white libertarians of yesteryear. That drive covers the fear that all around them, the well kept family men, businessmen and mothers of two, three or even four white kids is confidently building towards and yearning for a glorious future that will honor their past... and has nothing to do with prog goals, drives and desires.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - American Red Guards

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This covers the fighting in the streets as we march deeper into our Weimar echo. I cover the comical attempt by the Left to force the #SwoleLeft meme. This fits a need though for the Elite Left. They need foot soldiers. They need them to fill their Red Guards.

One thing to keep in mind with these Leftist street attacks is that they are confined to blue cities and college campuses. They are confined to areas where they know the cops will protect them. Organize, hire private security that is licensed, become a licensed private security firm. Spend a little money so that the cops can't lay a hand on your guys as they bring the beatdown to antifa.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Modeling Masculinity

Last week's Weimerica Weekly podcast was on the tragic state of American masculinity. I focused on the fictional character Bruno Clement from Houellebecq's "The Elementary Particles" as the poster boy for what we see around us today. This might sound off using a character from French literature, but once you understand Bruno's life, you see the way he symbolizes 21st century and desperate masculinity. A major problem is that society's rules and structure creates poor modeling for modern boys and young men to think about for future selves or aspirational roles.

Humans are a mix of nature and nurture. To be a hard genetic determinist is as misguided as the blank slate egalitarians. It starts in youth, but we model our behavior and future behavior on what we see, not just what our genes lead us to. We all lament the breakdown of the American (Western) family. Due to family court shenanigans, it hits men and women differently. It cuts to a core identity issue in men.

A father is the primary guide for how do you behave in the future. It is the primary role model for men. The moment memories start forming around age three, you the son are watching dad for cues on how to interact not just with mom, and by extension all women, but in every social situation. This is why I am quick to criticize the leftists that say children born to unmarried parents still often have a father present. For how long? Far greater percentage of cohabitating couples are separate after 10 years compared to married couples. What matters more for the child, being there at age 0-3 or being present age 3-10 as a little soul is molded?

We know the numbers. Forty percent of kids are born to single moms, forty percent of marriages end in divorce, and more children grow up with intermittent contact with their fathers than ever before. This has a huge effect on the day to day modeling a boy makes on what it means to be a man, but there is also an rarely discussed element that hurts young boys. Smaller family sizes.

As the fertility rate has dropped, each generation has fewer close contact same gender family members to observe for cues and model behavior. A child born now might have an aunt or uncle on either side of their family. If in a divorced home, their contact with one side may be limited. On top of this, multiple generations of broken home or failed family formation social trends, means kids may only know of one grandfather. A boy of 2017 might have zero males to come into contact with on a daily or weekly basis.

The ancillary men in our lives help young men see different adult forms of what it means to be a man. I was fortunate to have multiple uncles, two grandfathers and a dad in my life. Added to that number were the men who married my aunts and even my father's or an uncle's best friend that was a consistent presence in my social circle. While these men were three dimensional humans with flaws, they were also all very different in their adult male form. Some were white collar, blue collar, quiet men, tough guys, etc. but they all viewed one another as fellow men.

My sons are both named after two men in my circle. One is my grandfather, and the other is a great family friend. Both are dead now. My grandfather was an obvious model due to the grandparent-grandchild relationship. The family friend was different. He was a smart kid from a rural area who went to an Ivy and then lived in 'the big city'. His tales were awesome, but he never forgot where he was from, and always came home for family emergencies. He also showed me that you can 'make it' without forgetting your roots. He lived an honorable life and set a fine example. Is life meaningless? He died alone while biking one morning, but he influences my life still.

Without this collection of men, what would I have had to use for modeling? I would have had to rely on my mother's family and just my dad. Sons of single moms suffer from relying on mom knowing her dad or having a brother (less and less likely now), dealing with mom's lovers if she does date, or worse, relying on the television conception of masculinity. Ultimately, the strongest messaging would be from the cultural mandarins behind today's television and movie products. This centers the locus of message creation outside the home, outside the social circle and into the creative department of Hollywood studios.

A black acquaintance sent a link showing 2/3 of black 8th graders expected to be professional athletes and a smattering expected to be other jobs. He lamented this, but I said "Definite lack of father cause". He was confused a moment as the pro athlete thing is idiotic for 2/3 of black 14 year olds to believe will happen, but I reminded him of the illegitimacy issue. How many men do similar work as their fathers? How many men do their dad's exact job? How many hear suggestions from their fathers? How many see an uncle with a great job and want it? Without these basic, immediate models, children will grow up modeling and aspiring to whatever is on television. Black men grow up in a matrilineal and matrilocal society now.

Charles Barkley famously said he was not a role model in a sneaker ad and received hell for it. Criticism was that he was shirking his role in the public eye. Lost in this were his exact words from the ad that you are responsible for your kids. The dangerous truth unspoken or implied in the advertisement was that we as a society had removed fathers, especially the basketball fans' fathers, from children's lives entirely, forcing them to seek role models where they should not. Barkley was not shirking the job; broader society was.

Pundits have said Trump supporters have bought into his fake Alpha machismo. Building an empire of billions, bedding models and disdaining the conventions of sissy pundits is what men consider being a man. Money, babes and a ZFG attitude are it. The problem the pundits have is that they have spent a generation emasculating men and seeking to redefine what being a man is, that they cannot comprehend men modeling a money-babes-aloof persona as male. President Obama was praised for a different type of masculinity, but for those of us outside the media bubble, we did not see masculinity but a gelded cash cow for a harpie wife. Obama was our first black president, and in the words of some, our first female president.

Simply LARPing as a mogul is ridiculous. Flashing money and taking selfies next to a strippers ass is putting on a costume. Putting together the business profile to get to those points is entirely different. Acting like Trump with the trappings of his style is play acting a form of crass masculinity. That simply sets up vicious machismo games like late '90s rap videos did in the ghetto.

Applying the masculine aggression and risk taking that he employed to build, go bankrupt and rebuild is not play acting but living masculinity. Men disrupt and innovate. A healthy society has many men building small empires and many men exhibiting the many different ways it is to be a man for young men to model, copy, synthesize or reject. The next generation can watch and take cues from men building rather than LARPing and build a healthier society.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Social Matter - Advertising Is DownStream of Power + Progressivism

New essay up at Social Matter. This one tackles one the poz is so deep in advertising. This essays discusses some of the mechanics and also some of the careful moves to reposition ads and deploy them in different ways to send different messages. From creative director to consumer, there is a poz continuum.

Friday, March 03, 2017

The Future Liberals Want + SM Review-Preview 80

A pretty jarring photo that has been going around is the 'Future Liberals Want" photo. It is a transvestite and a woman in a burkah sitting next to each other on the subway. I shared it on the Weimerica Instagram. /Pol News Network tweeted the photo, and then liberals picked up on it.

The liberals see this as a good thing. It is inclusive! It is just two people sitting together minding their own business. The liberals used fictitious pictures and tagged it the future liberals want as a positive. It is an absolute denial of reality. It is also an absolute rejection of all norms of Western tradition.

A woman in a burkah separates herself from her surroundings. The burkah is not liberating; it's a black cloth hiding her. A transvestite performer is a sick man pretending to be a woman. Whether for his mental state or for fun, it is a sign of decadence and decline. This is not inclusion. These are two broken people who shouldn't be openly hanging around on public transit in a Western city.

The libs celebrating this are denying reality once more. The woman in a burkah has a husband who would toss the transvestite off a roof. The transvestite is a gay man that in the city has a 1 in 5 chance of contracting HIV. This is not a healthy future. The liberals know it, which is why they are desperately using fictional pictures to reproduce the meme to joke and laugh about the future they want. Gay space communism? "Oh fer sure, a future I want." Captain Planet come to life? "Sign me up?"

They have stumbled around through irony for so long that they cannot seriously defend anything anymore.


Last week I wrote on the Left's unstable coalition ceding control of culture creativity to the right. Weimerica Weekly was on the tragic state of masculinity in America and the West.

I can't recall what this week's essay will be as I submitted it a while back. Weimerica Weekly might be on breastfeeding. I want to do a parenting WW, but it seems a topic with many features. Breastfeeding and the cult around it now is a consistent one I get messaged about via email and social media.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

"The Temptation"

This cartoon was a joke on the Zimmerman Telegram where Germany offered Mexico former lands back if they attacked America. This was not out of the ordinary as the Allies did this to lure in potential new recruits (Italy) for participation in the war. The sad reality to this cartoon is that the Democrats and oligarchs have made the same offer to Mexico in exchange for cheap labor and Democrat votes.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

WaPo's Hypocrisy

"Democracy Dies In Darkness" is the new Washington Post slogan. WaPo will shine a light on things to safeguard democracy. This would be wonderful from a media outlet if it had worked the last eight or so years uncovering misdeeds. Unfortunately, it is the WaPo. Even worse, WaPo has a long history as being an official organ of the system. It also has engaged in hiding things in darkness for decades.

A rather famous quote by WaPo publisher Kay Graham illuminates her stance on how the nexus of media and power should work together.
We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secret and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.
Basically, government secrecy is grand as long at the media gets to decide the exception. Media is making itself sovereign with that point of view. By the mere editorial power it has with what to print or not print, it shapes everything. This is why the cry over democracy dying in darkness is a joke. They have shoved plenty into the dark and been accomplices to crimes domestic or international. Even the libs admit that Watergate was a coup that the media, specifically WaPo, acted as courier for between the different nodes of Beltway power.

The Washington Post has been at the nexus of power in DC for decades. The best book discussing this is "Katherine The Great" by Deborah Davis. How accurate was this book? How deep did it hit? Davis spotlighted Operation Mockingbird, discussed editor Ben Bradlee's history as a CIA asset, and even speculated that Watergate was a CIA operation with WaPo help. It was so dead on that Bradlee and Kay Graham worked overtime to get the book pulled. It was not only pulled but all copies were turned into pulp. Davis won in court and the book was reprinted.

Bradlee was not a CIA agent but an asset. It is an important difference. In WW2, Bradlee was a naval intelligence officer, and afterwards, worked in a propaganda unit. One can be an intelligence asset without ever realizing it, but Bradlee was working on projects that were part of broader CIA campaigns. Exactly what is a newspaper anyway? It is a medium for transmitting messages to audiences of a specific demographic. It is the perfect way to signal or notify others of important things without direct contact in a small circle like DC.

If you want to hear spooky, Bradlee's second wife was the sister of Mary Pinchot Meyer who was married to Cord Meyer, a big CIA figure. The Meyers divorced and Mary became JFK's last big mistress. She was killed a year after JFK's death. Who went into her home and found her diary, subsequently handing it over to James Jesus Angleton who then burned it at CIA's HQ? Ben Bradlee. Ben Bradlee was no agent, but a man who will go to those lengths for the chief of counterintelligence at CIA is definitely an asset. Darkness? Burning the diary of an assassinated president's mistress is darkness.

If one stops to consider it, this media role of selective editing not only gives a journalist or editor amazing power for leakage but then power back on the source. Access journalism is real and in this era of dead investigative journalism, it is all we have for nearly all genres of journalism. As any information is kept on file, it can be used as leverage on a source for 'why won't you tell me X now when I held back from revealing Y to the public last year?'.

This is why I support nationalizing the media. it is dying anyway. Nationalize it, and reconfigure the model to be a release of information and data with public interpretation of data and figures for debate. Take something like Wikileaks releases and then allow the hustle and drive of people interested to put the pieces together. The Clinton State Department email releases, even redacted, were enough to put the pieces together that Clinton and Obama were fully aware that the Muslim Brotherhood was moving Egypt to an Iran 1979 transition and supported it while openly stating they did not want that to happen. Guy who wrote that works a regular job and still found time to do the analysis reporters couldn't be bothered to do to spotlight the mindset of the potential next president.

This would never happen with the current system because it not only serves the system but is part of the system. They do not want to change. They just want the status of the public figure media guy with the blue checkmark on twitter and byline at some outlet. They are order takers. They are courtesans. If democracy dies in the darkness, it is because they shut off the lights.