Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - American Road Trip

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one covers the American Road Trip. Is the magic still there? Who is taking to the road now? It is an American institution or ritual for the entrance into adulthood. Hope you enjoy.

My audio is off a bit as I had to use my back up microphone as my normal one flaked and fritzed.

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reluctantreactionary said...

The nature of the American road trip has changed. My grandfather traveled cross country by auto in 1917-1919 time frame. I have some old black and white photos of him in various locations. One image shows tepees in the background--I think it was taken in Oklahoma. Travel was a great adventure back then since paved highways were not common unit 1928. My Dad traveled extensively during the golden age of 1948 to 1962. His old color slides are full of classic Americana.

We traveled as a family in the 1970's. My parents avoided the mom and pop motels to frequent the corporate franchises. We did not realize at the time that it was the beginning of the end.

Today I travel on business extensively. You seldom see families at hotels or motels. I stayed at a former Holiday Inn Holidome last month. The dome was deserted since all of the guests were workmen like me. Former family motels often smell of curry and body odor. The primary guests of these places are transient workers.

One place where the old ways survive a bit is campgrounds. Older boomers in absurdly expensive motor coaches have nearly priced some campgrounds out of the reach of families, but there are a few affordable ones. I find it interesting that a lack of vacation time, coupled with low discretionary family income has brought family travel back to the 1915 level.