Friday, August 11, 2017

Google Reminds Us AIACC + SM Review-Preview 100

Google reminded us all that America is a communist country. It was this week's reminder that pseudonyms are a good idea as the neomaoism gets closer. It was this week's reminder of the essay The Power Of The Powerless, aka Havel's Green Grocer essay. You live in occupied territory by progressive colonists.

There is talk of James Damore's chances with a lawsuit at his former employer Google, but there is one major problem. There is somewhere in the Google employee handbook code of conduct for employees and gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc. harassment. This is Google's out.

The problem with the insanity of the left's academic priests is how it eventually molds our society's laws and codes. I've written before how harassment begets lawsuits for the progressive coalition voting blocs. These are merely transfers of wealth. This is their payoff for believing in the bullshit. To expand who gets paid and to add in the capability for class action lawsuits, it must get defined down to environmental and systemic situations so the shakedowns get bigger.

Harassment is now defined way down from 'have sex with me or lose your job'. All that is required in this day and age is that one says/types things that would create an uncomfortable environment. Inadvertent comments can become problematic and must be investigated for malicious intent. The corporation has to cover its ass to prevent lawsuits for creating a terrible environment.

But what Damore typed was calm and with facts? Doesn't matter. Microaggression and outrage culture have encouraged one side to overreact to anything and to express trauma and stress at it. Their overreaction, even as fake as it is, becomes the groundwork for employees feeling scared, victimized, hurt etc and voila, there is the cause for termination of employment.

The belief matters. They need to be religious progs to matter. They have to hear, read or see inadvertent or neutral, reasonable things and go to HR and go to lawyers. We all hear offensive things at times or get sexts of coworkers, but only some of us report it as a problem. We just aren't on that team for the people in power, and it is their country to administer.


Last week I covered the decline of the rule of law. Weimerica Weekly was on the Reagan Tokes murder. How much faster do rapists have to be released from jail compared to the 6 years that her murderer/rapist got for his first rape?

This week's essay will consider measuring society beyond GDP. Weimerica Weekly has multiple candidates, and I need to read up on them.

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peterike said...

It's true that the Goolag handbook likely prohibits whatever it is they say Damore did. But unfortunately for them, it seems California labor law prohibits what Goolag did -- I'm no lawyer, but what I've read so far seems like Damore has a pretty strong case. And I would guess that state law overrules employee handbook.

The real problem in California is going to be finding a judge who is even marginally impartial. We've all seen ample evidence in this Age of Trump that judges just say whatever the hell they feel like. It could be a direct, word-for-word violation of a written law and it won't matter. The judge will rule however they want regardless of any mere written law. And even if it ends up with a reasonable judge, how simple will it be for Google to bribe that judge?

The problem is that when the entire system is corrupt and one-sided -- and it is -- it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to crack the system.