Thursday, July 20, 2017

WW1 - He Saw Europe 2017

Never forget to honor their sacrifice.

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Anonymous said...

A fine and moving picture to be sure, yet the word 'sacrifice' raises questions.

The war was meant to preserve European liberties from German aggression. Having won it, Britain promptly began dismantling its own liberties. Bearing arms, traveling abroad and taking drugs without State permission were all forbidden. And then German aggression came back anyway.

Perhaps the 'Easterners' were right all along. A Gallipoli campaign done right is a great 'what if' of history. It might have averted the necessity for the Somme and prevented the Russian revolution. The German and Ottoman empires, chastened but surviving, and a renewed Russian empire might have made for much better 20th century. The challenge would be to make it any worse.