Friday, July 21, 2017

Teen Vogue Went Nuts + SM Review-Preview 98

Teen Vogue has gone all in on propaganda. It was formerly the teen fashion beat with focus on clothing, make up and celebrities. It started the political spin last year. It recently has run into odd issues with non-stop poz pushing. Even the norimiecons and parents are pushing back.

They got the ball rolling with some videos featuring some bearded trans person taking to a short lesbian in glasses and suspenders about introducing gay or trans stuff to kids. They decided to follow this up with a guide to anal sex for people with prostates and people without prostates. Not men and women. It was no prostate or has a prostate. I'm not joking. Then they had fun with an article about what to get a friend after their abortion. They have finished off the doozy of a stretch with a video discussing how children can understand consent. The soft pro-pedo push is underway.

This has zero to do with fashion. This is poz pushing for what the progs want near future voters to be primed to approve and push for themselves. It is simple degeneracy pushing to corrupt even more youth. They frame these as introductions but these are of course, special framing of all subjects by them, the pushes of degeneracy. Yes, the lesbian with suspenders is Jewish. The clichés are built into the system.

I dug a little deeper as the editor in charge of this claimed that he supported the butt sex guide because as a teen in high school he only had abstinence sex ed (Catholic high school), and then he was crying as a frosh in college when he contracted HIV. He graduated college in 2012 after matriculating in 2009. This means he was born in 1990.

To claim one did not know how HIV was transmitted as a child of the 90s and teen of the 00s is ridiculous. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. He was born a full decade after HIV popped onto the medical scene. There is a myriad of funding and educational programs. Television even discusses it. What the hell does he think the red ribbon trend was in the '90s? This is an outright lie to use one's irresponsibility to guilt people into supporting his poz pushing.

He also failed to see that if he did go to Catholic school, they did tell him that he was doomed for tragedy. His sin is how he contracted HIV. He is in a position to shape the minds of teenage girls, if there are any left that read Teen Vogue. No one will fire him. In fact, someone knew all of this and hired him while under age 25 to be editor. The stream of degeneracy from Teen Vogue is coming from a Jewish lesbian failing at passing for a man and an HIV infected homosexual. It does not get more clichéd than that.


Last week I wrote on the universities not being like normal businesses so they can't be killed by simple supply and demand dynamics. Normal people think simply pulling funding will fix it. Not quite. These institutions have huge regulatory moats and the most important advantage of all, 'distributors for the good life ticket'. Weimerica Weekly was tracking how the drag queen story hour fad spread.

I am traveling this week, but I hope to have an article for y'all. Weimerica Weekly will cover CNN and the pseudo flap. Pseudos have a long history and reveal how dangerous ideas sometimes require a mask.


Mama Pepe said...

Thank you for your valuable perspectives in the culture war. The merchants of degeneracy won't rest until everyone is as HIV positive and mentally ill as they are.

Anonymous said...

Things You Can’t Say On The Senate Floor

Anonymous said...

"This has zero to do with fashion. "

No. This is absolutely about fashion.

POZ is the fashion of the Culture of Death.

- Langley

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that actual teenagers don't really read things called "teen." They have generally moved on to bigger and better things. However preteens are obsessed with being a teenager, and that is who these kind of things are actually targeted toward. Also boys don't really care about things lumped under "teen."

So the reality of this Teen Vogue is actually far worse. This is to introduce the idea (anal sex) to 9 and 10 year old females.

Weimarica indeed.

Anonymous said...

"So the reality of this Teen Vogue is actually far worse. This is to introduce the idea (anal sex) to 9 and 10 year old females."

You mean how blog.jim has "introduced" himself to 9 and 10 y/o girls?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Absolutely fucking disgusting by Jim and I let him know directly.

PV van der Byl said...

I wasn’t even aware of the existence of Teen Vogue until about 48 hours ago, perhaps because I am a 57 year old man.

I am sure you are correct that this issue of the magazine is part of carefully planned “pedo/poz pushing” but puzzled as to why you are so elliptical about who “they” is?

....They got the ball rolling with some videos…
....They decided to follow this up with a guide to anal sex…
....Then they had fun with an article
....They have finished off the doozy…

It would be helpful for those of us far removed from the Teen Vogue readership to know some of the particulars.

You mention that the lesbian with suspenders is Jewish and that the editor in charge of this pro pedo article is, evidently, an HIV positive Catholic male homosexual.
Are they really the motive force here, though?

Where does, say, Anna Winotur fit into all of this?

Who else of importance might be involved?