Monday, July 03, 2017

Operation Fast + Furious Was For New Gun Laws

Some government operations are pretty obvious in their motives. Some are head scratchers unless you recall the need for patronage and makework for coalition members. Some are just mysterious but have such draconian cover up moves that there has to be something else going on. Operation Fast and Furious falls into this last bucket.

Operation Fast + Furious (OFF) was also conveniently swept under the rug by every media member except for the Instapundit wing of the right and some of the GOPe right. Finally it was a scandal for Obama. This makes fey Ezra Klein's claims of a scandal free Obama a joke. There were plenty, but he and his ilk would not discuss them. Allowing guns to go to cartels despite federal agents objecting would be a scandal under normal human conditions.

When it started to get some rpess, I thought I covered it, but I did not. I sent Instapundit himself an email explaining what I thought was going on, but never published here. He didn't even reply to my email. What was going on though with OFF?

This was all about gun laws. OFF did not ensnare anyone in the cartels. The guns themselves were lost. CNN even has a nice timeline of what exactly was going on with OFF and even noted Eric Holder's horrible cover up actions. Somehow El Chapo even got his hands on an OFF 50 caliber gun used to take down helicopters. Who was the target? What was the purpose? FedGov is not good at much, and the great machine is still only good at propaganda.

Think of the timeline again. The Left had amazing majorities in January of 2009. Obama had the pen in hand, but the gun laws were not coming. Obama even had said that they were working on it "under the radar". Nothing was happening. No records. No legislation.

That is where OFF comes in. Americans now have a standard routine to get into when a mass shooting happens, and the muh gun control doesn't work. The Left's ignorance of guns actually kills their talking points as they look dumb calling SKSs assault rifles. There is also the problem of using black urban violence. The cucks won't say it's a black problem, but no one cares when the gangs of Chicago kill one another. No one. Innocent children killed in drive by crossfire now focuses the rage on the gangs, not gun manufacturers. There needed to be a new example of crazy gun violence and a new target for control.

This is where OFF and the cartels come into play. The current political battlefield understands the examples of violence used now. Cartel massacres of innocents with American bought weapons would be completely new. Because the Left's top nodes of power would already know this was coming, they'd have pre-arranged debate points and an edge in the politicla debate. President Obama could have had a press conference to kick this all off, and then NPR, the New York Times and the entire media machine would have run with his cues or even Oval Office invites for message management.

It is easy to envision the media narrative and campaign. Imagine a news narrative of cartel violence, bloody shootouts, vicious gangs known for mass sprees of shootings. This would be horrifying. Now if a gang were busted with caches of weapons bought at American dealerships, America would now be supplying a tremendously destructive conflict killing poor, innocent Mexicans. With massive body counts and American made and sold guns caught in the bad guys hands, it gives a new public relations object for people to debate.

We would not be needing gun laws against American gun owners, but against the stores. The distribution network would need reform. ''Dang it man, you cannot just walk in and buy these powerful weapons easy peasy, they could end up in the hands of the cartels.' It is an easy sell to the middle and an even easier sell to the Left. This would be a powerful PR weapon. It would be an all new form of gun violence that does not come with preconceived sides and debate talking points. No one would want to enable cartels.

The cartels did not quite perform the way the Obama administration wanted. The horrors south of the border also fed into immigration hawk talking points. This was an indirect play, and one that failed for the Left. This is why OFF was covered up by Holder and company. This is why Obama exercised executive privilege on information related to it. It was not just that USG let powerful guns go right to the cartels. It is that they did that dastardly deed and all for use in domestic gun politics.

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A Texan said...

Hopefully we can get some pro-2nd Amendment victories in Congress and at the state level which is the key. I don't have a collection, but recognize the importance of being armed for self defense and appreciate those with the ability to carry and use it properly.