Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Leaving Indy

Most readers know I lived in Indy. That is no longer the case. I am in the Midwest still but in a different area. I may have written for the need to decentralize to fight urbanization but my job requires I be close to an airport. There are a lot of mid-sized cities that are good, you just have to find them. We will be close to family and some friends and in a quieter situation. I still recommend Indianapolis, and have done so online for years. I have spent years trying to get old coworkers from the East Coast to relocate to Indianapolis but to no avail. It was time to leave.

My wife and I are both small town kids, and I have forced her to live in large cities for over a decade now. We also both wanted to give our kids a childhood closer to what we grew up with. Just seeing the stars at night without the glowing haze of the city's light pollution is a bonus. I'm a Midwest family man, and the little lookey here posts about my city tipped many off to my location.

It is also why I dislike Paul Kersey's hyperbole about Indianapolis. I have actually seen the change in a decade. I know parts are getting worse, parts are getting better and the best protection an area can have is to be populated by 'those mean redneck whites'. Lawrence Township schools turned from fine to ehhh to awful within 12 years. Washington Township is going through the same pattern. This means the high school that GLEE! was based on will become a hellhole within 5-7 years. Look at the changes in the census maps. You don't hear that about the southern townships though, but shucks, them schools have them thar rednecks.

Anti-bad whites signaling mushroomed in the Obama age. The class split within whites seemed to harden so much in this last decade, even in red states. I went to parties and cookouts where the well to do might joke on their rednecky hometown or township. The parasitic behavior is not just below but above, and I stood there and listened to a small business owner explain how the government changed a regulation to mandate new types of air filters which meant boom times for his business. Did this mean Boomer business owner would hire more guys and help his ol' blue collar or redneck brethren? Hell no! It meant he made his firm as lean as possible, contracted with a temp agency that provided him with illegals that had stolen/fake SSNs for the shop floor, and he raked in millions while looking for a large corporation to sell his firm to. Boomers gotta boom.

I can live anywhere whereas my wife is a country girl. City living has its advantages. It is great working in a large city with the option of catching a sporting event or some concert right after work. I had some lunch places where I was such a regular, they'd already get my order going. Fun stuff to do if you make the effort. It is a grind, too. I was done with commuting. I was done with the horror of the city. Those progs love to talk up city living as long as they stay free and clear of the underclass and that cesspool of dysfunction that the underclass wades in daily.

Working in mind work or creative industries (media euphemisms) for small firms does help segregate the SWPL class. Larger firms need grunt white collar workers and will get diversified. Cheryl is white and will not need time off for a shooting related death but Sharell will. Rebecca is on head meds, is 15 lbs from being pretty and whines about her husband who plays a lot of video games. Ra'bekah is 80 lbs overweight, a single mom to a teen and that teen just got picked up for assault with a weapon. Forget the three single white moms with half-black kids. You see the five shy or goofy white guys (all are taller than 5'10") with Asian or Hispanic girlfriends that become wives getting their ticket into the upper middle class. The Asians they met in college or at their tech/engineering job; the Hispanics they meet at bars. At a BBQ, Marisol ("Call me Mary") explains how her parents church is so crowded and full of illiterates with one foot out the door to leave if ICE knocks. SWPLs just talk food when it comes to immigration for a reason.

SWPLs get all their news from Vox or the NY Times because it completely cuts them off from seeing the daily crime around them in their city. Combined with their workplace segregating them, they can pretend what Vox says about crime in general is true. I had coworkers or direct reports tell me they would have to leave early due to attending a funeral or going to the hospital. They don't have an HR course on calling hours etiquette for a direct report's family gunshot victim. The Bugman, the careerist Thot or as Pax named them 'wageskanks' can enjoy the ethnic good food and avoid the crime mostly. My direct reports or coworkers had it hit their families. If they sat down and said, "Ryan can we talk downstairs wit sum coffee, not here in your office" I knew it was going to be bad.

Two coworkers had family members shot and killed. They'd take a week or two off from a project and it'd throw you for a loop when they returned. One coworker's nephew shot a man, but he only did it because his sister told him to (the nephew was dumb and she manipulated him) but only he would be going to jail for the attempted murder. Family knew this but wouldn't force the sis to confess her part and possibly get IQ 62 brother a lighter sentence or time in a mental facility that he merited, because see then 2 of them would be locked up. Can't have that.

Another two had friends raped. One's sister was raped but managed to stab her attacker with a pen from her nightstand and flee her bungalow butt ass naked screaming to a neighbor. Rapist was from her church, and yes, old black ladies in the giant hats at her church warned her about pressing charges since she'd be sending another black man to jail. I'd watch people tell me these stories with a straight face like nothing was strange.

I indirectly knew of a horrendous one to close out 2014. That year was rough for some coworkers, and this 'my cousin the knucklehead...' story at the holidays piqued my curiosity. When blacks call another black a knucklehead, you know they have done some horrible crime that there is no excuse for, and they need a word instead of 'sadistic beast'. This is pretty brutal as a man killed his girlfriend's three year old daughter. Her obituary's photo, which is a regular smiling three year old, is heartbreaking. Hispanic single mom shacks up with black guy and within eight months, he kills her middle child. They'll send him to jail. The mom is going to jail, too.

Where was dad? Well he did exist and was distraught his daughter was murdered. Dad just couldn't get custody. Family court, which has the unspoken, prime directive of maintaining the mother-child bond, thought his kids were best with mom. What does mom do? She makes the decision to shack up with a beau who might have had some anger management issues. Check the murder's date: December of 2014. When did they start seeing each other? May of 2014. This guy was free daycare.

Ultimately, she the single mother of three in her independence and empowerment had to settle for the slime of humanity who barely had a shred of it. Courts thought this was best for the child. Check the timeline. They had off and on moments caused by abuse. Her kids still were with her, and she knew what was best as the authority of the progressive courts declared. Read the details. Cigarette burns and belt marks, even bite marks, on the kids.

It is not just the sadistic nature of the man but his bullshitting cover to the cops. If you've watched the "First 48", then you have heard the same song and dance before. Wait for a moment, what a G he was? I bet he was one of those passenger seat riding brothers living with a woman with 2-3 kids from her first man. There is no clemency for the mamacita, as she went along with the original, 'let's blame the dog' act. Go back and read the details. The child's head was so swollen that they did not remove her tee-shirt for fear it would mess with her head. Supposedly, he just had her stand in the corner for 6 hours and shoved her head in the corner maybe 10 times. That isn't how a head gets so swollen one dares not remove a tee shirt. A 3 year old girl.

Their extended families cared but not enough to perform duties to help or save people. Kinglessness. Loss of authority. These people are miserable because they are free.

These people are barely human. These people are the underclass voting muscle for the Democrats' feudal cities. Yeah yeah yeah everyone commits crime but tell me the rates of who does what. Now scroll up. You don't have to guess what my coworkers who took time off for funerals and other dysfunction looked like. It's a grind.

Now this is the Internet, so I could just be staying in my city, lying to y'all and throwing off antifa. You never know. Maybe city living has infected me too much.


sykes.1 said...

It would appear from your own experience that Kersey is not exaggerating the situation in Indianapolis. Columbus is in a similar, but not yet so extreme, situation. All of our cities are following Detroit into African Hell.

Kgaard said...

Very depressing. Thank you.

grey enlightenment said...

it's stories like this that make me wish more of the country were like silicon valley (even despite its leftism). A city of of high-IQ low-T minorities and limp-wristed liberals is better than one full of aggressive blacks and ineffectual whites

Son of Brock Landers said...

GE, Remove the non-Asian minority underclass and it's perfect. Indy is a hidden gem of a big city in America. The grind of violent crime blacks commit on a daily basis is staggering and does not get no where the attention it deserves.

PR said...


You sound like James LaFond except without the personal self-defense stories from living in the ghetto.


I'm assuming you're white. How would you get a well-paying job if more of the country was like Silicon Valley? Silicon Valley doesn't like Americans. The ones it does hire are very liberal. They hire many Hindus who bring 3 generations with them to this country and hire only each other. The Chinese in Silicon Valley largely behave the same way. Except all of them pay lipservice to the new religion of gender confusion and homosexuality.

Decadence precedes destruction, whether it's amongst the high IQ or low IQ.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LaFond's Baltimore stories are wild. I'd love a drinking session with him to share weirdest stories. One of the dumbest was a guy told me how when he was in high school they lost their star player because he had a beef with another guy. He went to the other guys house, rang the bell and fracked the man who answered with a tire iron. Problem was it was the guy's older brother. Cops arrested the teen for assault with a deadly weapon and he didn't just go to juvie, he went to big boy prison. What was the beef? The other guy had air Jordans and made fun of the attacker wearing Barkley's Air Force Ones.