Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Not Evolving, Rich Gays Pushed Gay Rights

If one talks to the man on the street about social stuff, the discussion of things involving gays will spark the use of the word evolving. They might say evolved. This is used as a means to explain how America or a specific group changed their minds about gays. This has a positive connotation. It is never that they evolved negatively. This is compartmentalized because the same man on the street will say America is going to hell in a handbasket the next minute. There was no evolution. This was the work of the rich and academia to push acceptance, tolerance and now glorification.

I have written about how billionaire Paul Singer funded GOP politicians to make it acceptable for them to become pro-gay marriage if they lost Christian money. Singer has a gay son. Terry Bean, who I wrote about when arrested for raping a teen, was a rich gay founder of LGBT organizations and mega donor and bundler for President Obama. These are wealthy men funding the change they want to see executed by politicians.

This goes even deeper, and Rolling Stone's June profile did all of us a favor in pulling the curtain back on a multimillionaire who funded so much for the LGBT cause in a way to praise him, Tim Gill. This is a fantastic section to describe the high funding this social evolution.
Gill's sprawling network of LGBTQ advocacy groups rivals any big money operation in the country. The Gill Foundation, which he started in 1994, underwrites academic research, polling, litigation, data analytics and field organizing. Gill Action, a political group launched a decade later, has helped elect hundreds of pro-equality lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels. OutGiving, his donor club, coaches the country's richest pro-LGBTQ funders on how best to spend their money.

There is nothing organic to this. This is one homosexual that wants to see his vision of the world accepted, rationalized and justified. Yes, that photo of him with the man thirty years younger than him is his husband.

Gill is not stopping. Even though the Ford Foundation, CIA's old money conduit for social change, has stopped and declared victory, Gill is directing money to go after deep red states. Gill is also going after the religious freedoms moves that states have made to protect those religiously inclined to say no to gays. Religious freedom to not force churches to perform ceremonies or to protect people was a key part of Maryland passing the gay marriage vote as it pacified enough of the black community, along with President Obama saying it was okay to support gays and be black.

This is not a culture war but a religious war. Here is Gill's quote, "We're going into the hardest states in the country. We're going to punish the wicked". Those are the words of a religious man. Sure gays live in the South, but he wants to impose his worldview on them, the wicked. He has matched that religious fervor with over $300 million into his foundation endowment and other organizations.

There is no evolution in ideas. There is a high that uses its wealth and influence to force what it wants on the low. Opinion polls show that support for gay marriage keeps rising, and this is all under the threat of enforcement from top down. Look at everything he funded. Each piece of academic research was written with his money. Polling had quirky wording and selection with his money. Gill bought politicians for his pet cause.

The man on the street just went along. How many 9 figure donors were donating for anti-gay marriage advocacy? Even if they did, they carried the risk of being outed and chased out of polite society or their position in society (see Eich or Chik-fil-a). These mega-donors are aligned with a media/academia complex that wants to see this degeneracy pushed. The money only makes its execution simple. There is no Christian theocracy to be scared about because in no way does it have the resources, the media and academia control and power of the progressive one.


deconstructingleftism said...

At base this is about how English-speaking society works. Orwell wrote about this a couple places. Anglophone is highly conformist, and there is an unspoken consensus which is not violated. It is unacceptable to be mean or authoritarian.

Orwell also mentioned the "gentleness" of English society, which I don't see as much, but leaving alone harmless weirdos is part of this.

This is why Republican congressmen voted for sex-change operations in the military and didn't vote to repeal Obamacare. No one can afford to be seen as being mean. Same thing with migrants and all kinds of things.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"I have written about how billionaire Paul Singer funded GOP politicians to make it acceptable for them to become pro-gay marriage if they lost Christian money."

During the last election there was some talk of Ted Cruz going to NYC to get money from rich gay jews who are pro-Israel.

craig said...

You might be interested in this post from 2007. Tim Gill figures prominently

August said...

He's the baptist then.

I don't know if you've heard the bootlegger and baptist metaphor. I think it comes from Bruce Yandle- it's an explanation of how politics makes strange-bedfellows. The baptists and bootleggers in a dry country both want the ban kept up. The baptists get to feel righteous, and the bootleggers keep making the money.

Well, the bootleggers are lawyers. They are the ones working along with the gays, and in many cases they are the politicians as well. But should anyone be stupid enough to get gmarried, they'll probably get divorced too. The young man can play the victim and take the rich old man for everything he's worth- minus the divorce industries' take, of course.

And then there are the attacks on churches, businesses, etc... Very lucrative for the lawyers.

peterike said...

There are no bottom-up revolutions. They are always top-down and funded by big money.

Along with this political action, of course we had massive Hollywood propaganda of the charming, my-best-friend-next-door gays everywhere you looked. Hell, it was already starting in the 1970s with Norman Lear pushing gays on "All in the Family." At least back then you had the counter-point of Archie calling them "faggelahs" and showing contempt, even if that was meant to have him appear wicked and get his deserved comeuppance. It still allowed a point of identification for the regular person disgusted by gays.

As has been said often, your typical low-information American probably thinks the population is 25% gay or more. Such is the "reality" that gets beamed at them.

Portlander said...

Unappreciated 2nd order effects of low effective tax rates and crony capitalism for the 1% is that they have too much money with which to engage their personal vices.

One thing LotB has made clear is that their is should be no shame and no regrets for taxing the 1% good-and-hard. The vast, vast majority are not innovators getting a just reward for their work, they are sociopathic rent-seekers using their monopoly status and no small amount of luck-of-the-draw (AKA survivorship-bias) to undermine that which made this country great and unique.

Portlander said...

To be clear, by 'personal vice' I don't mean their acts of deviancy. I mean their insufferable, anti-social need to make everyone else conform to their personal whims. That is this type of person's vice.

Stephen said...

Funny how people who are Darwinian dead ends use the term "evolved" so much. Oh I forget that evolution is just a stick to beat Christians with not something you might use to draw any conclusions about human nature or our future.

PA said...

I believe you coined "Weimerica."

This WN rapper uses the word in this parody/cover of Eminem:

Damn Crackers said...

Crackers Law - All economic, societal, political or cultural progress is designed to normalize pederasty.