Monday, June 12, 2017

The Childless EU Leader Trend

A curious phenomenon has been noticed by those of us on the dissident right. It is the childless EU leader trend. It is actually amazing to see it listed out but should come as no surprise. This is the physical symbol of the elite of the EU and for that matter the American Left. When mapped out the battle lines would require a figurehead leader that resembles the form of the two sides. This also visually hints at why the EU elite will not stop the boats or remove the Muslims.

Each terror attack, each article on spikes in crime and each report that Sweden becomes more and more a Frozen Arabia comes with more frustration at the elite doing nothing. This is not the case. This inaction combined with enabling the replacement of natives is what they want. This is what the current regime wants. They want a mass of peoples who will have peasant values, enjoy the higher material standards of living compared to their third world homelands, and never become a rising elite to challenge these current elites.

Breaking it down further, the battle is truly the childless, leftwing Europeans and Jews with their non-European allies fighting the rightwing Europeans (or European-Americans) to control the economics, land masses and areas. As these left wing whites are not procreating, they are really fighting off their genetic cousins to kill them off and hand over control to alien cultures. That is it. Childless whites allying with non-whites to kill off procreating whites so that the non-whites control America and Europe.

It makes perfect sense that all of these EU leaders would be childless. It is the perfect symbol. Beyond that this is also the system selecting for the most dedicated to the system's goals. What greater dedication can one make to destroying native European and American cultures than to not have children in one's personal life.

These EU leaders are not making the decision to go childless now. They made the decision decades ago, when it still was a bit different. Maybe not in Germany where the TFR has been below Japan's since the mid '80s. This is a differentiator for the individuals sliding up the greased pole of politics when roughly any polished speaker can do their job. What type of marker does one need? "I'm dedicated, look how many times I worked for the party, hell I even sacrificed a family to fight for the party!"

It is not just about the system but a reflection of the culture themselves. Let us all be honest about the Clintons. Left to their own devices without the need to have a kid to run for office, they'd have both been single and childless forever. Obama might have been gay or found a white or mixed woman to marry. They felt the need to marry correctly and have kids because the electorate expected it from them. There is a natural revulsion or suspicion by many to childless men or women seeking power in America, so we still require our politicians to do so. European politicians no longer suffer that same burden. Their population now has enough of a critical mass that will not procreate or carry on, therefore politicians need not worry.

This hints at the lack of concern. These leaders have no shared concern for what may come from importing the third world. Why should they worry? They'll be dead in twenty to thirty years and leave behind no one to suffer in case the grand replacement project yields an apocalyptic warzone in their homelands. The decadence and hedonism of today is the focus. The individual has priority and individually they will be cut down.


John rockwell said...

Not simply childless. But childless and female the epitome of the feminist.

Portlander said...

Plenty of childless leaders in the Clinton Archipelago too. At least, there are if you don't count the incumbent Boomers holding on like dinosaurs after the asteroid.

Portlander said...

One for the Opioid files... one of the guys that was stabbed to death on the commuter train, had his backpack and his wedding ring stolen off his finger(!) in all the commotion.

They went to the on-board video tapes and ID'd the guy then tracked him down to a bum-camp where he was still wearing the ring.

A mere 7 years ago he was lauded by police for assisting in catching an armed bank robber. From opioids to heroin to divorce to stealing from a dying man looks to have taken him about 5 years +/- a couple.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I don't like Houallebecq but his prediction of some Mohammed being not only France but EU President by 2022 seems spot on. We already have a Paki mayor of London.

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts: Martha Coakley, Maura Healey, Marty Walsh, Stan Rosenberg, Ed Markey

James Kabala said...

Interestingly, the five childless U.S. presidents (Washington, Madison, Jackson, Polk, and Buchanan) were all before the Civil War, and three were among the first seven. (Although Cleveland and Harding deserve an asterisk - Cleveland had an illegitimate child exposed during the campaign and legitimate children only after he was in office; Harding had no legitimate children but an illegitimate child fathered in office and not revealed until after his death.)

sykes.1 said...

Watching the collapse of a whole civilization is mesmerizing. And scary.

Putin has two daughters.

Trump has two daughters and three sons.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church's rationalization for refusing Catholic priests the opportunity to marry was that a priest's ultimate loyalty was to the Church, and that having a family would supersede that loyalty.

Similarly, the political left requires that its leaders' ultimate loyalty be to the party and its fundamental tenants of globalism. While the political left doesn't explicitly require its leaders to be childless, the loyalty requirement certainly biases the selection in favor of those persons who do not have children.