Wednesday, June 14, 2017

No One Dare Speak Zuckerberg's Vision

Because the Democrats' bench is so weak, there are odd things afoot. Hillary Clinton keeps popping up because hey kids, why not try to run her again when she is four years older and spends four more years an unemployed millionaire. The progressives do not have ready for primetime players. Governor Cuomo is probably too white to win the nomination. This allows weird things like Mark Zuckerberg to go through motions of an odd play on ye olde Listening Tour. No one quite touches on Zuck's vision because to follow it through is too dark.

Zuckerberg's commencement speech at Harvard mentioned a universal basic income. He mentioend opioid addicts and manufacturing. He recently said he is no longer an atheist. Jesus Christ, this is more transparent than his $100 million donation to Newark Public Schools when the film on him came out painting him less than stellar. He is checking the nation as if he is a billionaire that cares. It is just good PR for a run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton did this in upstate New York prior to her run for the Senate seat vacated by Moynihan.

A writer at Zero Hedge mentioned the lunacy of a UBI, and how if Zuck is so concerned he could start grants now with his money or Facebook's if he chose. This does not quite touch on the endgame of what a UBI as presented by Zuck means. Strip away the purpose for all claptrap, and Zuck is pushing a new government benefit to pacify the Left's imported primitives with peasant desires. Take this to its logical conclusion, and let's not assume it is just a 'universal consumption credit', which is not UBI and would force you to spend it on approved goods to keep the elite's system going.

A universal basic income + this picture...

Dystopia Comes In All Forms
Means the Virtual Option from Moldbug's deep archive of ideas and pontifications can become real. You, not you the reader but theoretical you out there, will be approved for a UBI just as long as ou move to these nice condos sequestered from humanity with these fancy goggles that allow you to be king, queen or God for a day.

The beauty of it is that Zuck's corporation would get one of the contracts if not the VR contract so that even if he does not win the presidency and implement the idea, some other friendly progressive, non-Asian minority puppet can do it. Make no mistake it would be a revenue generator for Facebook and ROI for Zuck's VR Oculus investment. Google has Chromebook grants that go to underprivileged areas. Visit a classroom. They may not have desks, the teacher may have to get supplies herself and the kids may not be able to read at age 7, but by gum, they have a stack of Chromebooks in the corner just waiting for distribution.

Start looking at the low government benefit recipients not quite as pure parasites but as parasites that are conduits for the bigger parasites: corporations that market goods and services to the low to use their government credits on daily. Ask McDonald's. Ask Walmart. The low becomes a puppet not just for the demand of government services and those do-gooder social workers but for entire corporations to base their business strategy on (Angelo Mozilo and minority lending).

Mena was right with his tweet and Zuck may make it become reality but in a self-sustaining loop of dollar transmission. The UBI will come with goggles and make Zuck's investment whole. Maybe Zuck's vision is for a UBI and everyone to have purpose and to find a place. The purpose and self-actualization might be the underclass being segregated but made to feel a God when they put the goggles on, sipping their soylent in between sessions. Moldbug might have been wrong in thinking the Virtual Option would have to be a government project. A corporation just may lobby it into existence and let the marketplace sort it out.

Mena the Prophet


Dirtnapninja said...

UBI + Open borders.

Now there is a recipe for "interesting times".

Jerry Purnelles Codominium universe is looking frighteningly prescient.

Anonymous said...

Zuckerberg is no leader of men, no chance for public office, hell I'm a nerd, and even i want to instinctively stuff zuck into a locker everything i see his face.

Anonymous said...

You've touched on something that has been on my mind. I started a business and noticed how many minority customers I had. It provides a fair percent of the profits. Not saying these are all welfare dollars but to these extent they have jobs it is usually lefty govt largesse in some form. It opened my eyes a bit. "Socialism" and "big government" is a wealth redistribution scam, but not in the way most think of it. It is big business money maker. It is easier to sell junk to high time preference minorities, whereas when white people are allowed to keep their money they will more often just save it.

Bigwigs like Buffet and the like being all in favor of tax and spend big government isn't just about white guilt, virtue signalling or even cronyism. It is re-distributing wealth to their consumers, who will ultimate re-destribute it to the bigwigs. it is wealth distribution... for the wealthy. You just save too much and that's a problem, white man.

Who gets screwed here are the middle and upper-ish middle class mostly whites who don't sell stuff to minorities. Stock market gains are nothing compared to the profits people are making.

reluctantreactionary said...

Even without the virtual option, Zuck's plan fits the elite agenda well. Many on the right mistakenly assume that the immigration wave is about cheap labor when it is really about importing consumers to keep the great big bubble afloat. Giant corporations are heavily leveraged--they either grow or die. As Steve Sailer noted, the only way to achieve 10% revenue growth in the toilet paper industry is to bring in a lot more people to poop. Bring in even more each year! Give them EBT, Obama phones, junk food, and sure VI. The main thing is to expand the debt by an even larger amount every year. The rich man behind the curtain may not be rich at all. He does not have some secret vault full of gold and cash. The rich are rich in most cases because of inflated asset valuation. When the debt expansion slows down, these guys don't become less rich, or even half as rich; they go completely bankrupt almost overnight. The stakes are high for our elites; they they do not like to lose.

J. T. K. said...

VR & UBI = borloi

J. T. K. said...

"Google has Chromebook grants that go to underprivileged areas. Visit a classroom. They may not have desks, the teacher may have to get supplies herself and the kids may not be able to read at age 7, but by gum, they have a stack of Chromebooks in the corner just waiting for distribution."

This is precisely correct. My wife has to fork out of our pockets for many teacher supplies, and meanwhile her awful school district has given her an underpowered and nearly useless Chromebook at taxpayer expense. Grift for district procurement contracts. Disgusting.

grey enlightenment said...

The thing is, unlike Obama or Trump, no one actually likes Zuck. He has the same problem as Hillary in this regard.

Orthodox said...

Instead of UBI, the government injects money into games. You have to play to earn, there's enough tyopes of games for everyone to do well at something. Or add a lotto element to keep them happy. Add bonuses such as if you play for X straight days, you get more money and more shots at jackpots. Do more of this in the summer to keep people off the streets. Big game prizes can be won at 3am during crime season. If you have children, you give up chances to play the game, or maybe you are kicked out of the game because you would probably neglect your children. So the govt makes it easy to sign up for contraceptives. Look at Sheila! All her friends are winning money and prizes, but she's stuck at home alone with a baby! Don't be Sheila! Get your IUD today and receive $1000 of in-game credits!

Portlander said...

I'm sure we hardly know the half of it.

EBT & cash assistance go onto debit cards that banks make money both on the float and the swipe fees. Student loans are back-stopped by the govt and are a no-strings attached cash flow to academia. Refugees get resettlement assistance.

The problem with graft in an Empire is it needs an ever expanding input stream or it collapses on itself like any other Ponzi.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I feel that Mena vision is already a reality.

Porter said...

I've asserted many times that cheap labor is only a distant secondary benefit of importing a mass underclass. The primary GloboCorp motivation is to cultivate consumption. Housing, appliances, cable, phone, electric, textiles, trinkets, and carbohydrates: just ask yourself how many iPhones a Somali in Mogadishu purchases in his life compared to one in Minneapolis. The delta between those two figures represents the direct corporate motivation to engage in selfless humanitarianism.

This is what many on the right don't well understand. If there were zero labor savings, big business would still agitate for foreign stock purely for consumption purposes. The only way to blunt that inducement is to offer the whole world doodad welfare except people in America. Zuckerberg would be packing them on freight-cars heading to Mexico a day later.