Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Democrats Won't Be Primaryed

It has been floating around the sphere and even wider Internet. What exactly? That the Democrats face the possibility of being primaryed or will collapse. Julian Assange had an interesting wall of text tweet that mentioned the Democrats' chances for collapse, and several others have discussed the base frustration, the base's split and the chance for primarying. It will not happen.

One need not look far back for the last time this was floated out. Hey, rememeber Occupy Wall Street kids? I wrote in 2012 why OWS failed while the Tea Party was a success. Michael Lewis was so ignorant of the game that he thought OWS would be the bet for long term success and how fast did OWS die? Within three, maybe five months? I will count the spending slowdown and sequestration when only holding one portion of Congress as success.

The Tea Party rallies eventually sucked in big money donors that could use candidates to jump ahead of well developed paths and get their pet issues and cronyism some attention. The major thing though was culturally the right had a core of middle and upper middle class angry voters that could pool money for fundraising, use the internet and shrink GOPe vs. Insurgent money gaps from 10-1 to 3-1. Enthusiasm made up for the rest.

There is no separate pool of money to fund insurgents versus the Left's current system. Bernie voters are young and broke. Look at the Left's coalition. The Jews, gays and older whites are all Clintonistas, and the Obama crowd, which is pure puppetry. They won't rebel. Blacks and Mexicans do not have money to fund insurgent candidates. Asians are a smaller voting bloc, have some money but their desires and needs would clash with the voting muscle in D districts.

If there is a possibility, it lies with an outsider. Here is where Zuckerberg comes in. Zuck was just in Iowa, visiting the world's largest truck stop. If you've been there, you're probably laughing at the idea of Zuck walking around with his security detail just out of camera range. Maybe he does not run, but if he wants to run in 2020 or 2024, then here is a path and means that involves primarying the incumbent Ds.

1. Dems having infighting. Zuck can see trends online to gauge how much and who to mobilize.
2. Zuckerberg is thinking 2020 or 2024.
3. Zuck sees chance with angry base.
4. Zuck becomes the deep pockets and sets up a SuperPAC that is Occupy Wall St themed or economic populist themed to primary a shit ton of old timer Dems.
5. The deeper the blue district or state, the easier this is. Look at how Cantor lost. He lost because his district was so safely red that there was a mass of angry red voters to toss him out, and on the cheap!
5a. The Daley machine is dying, which is a problem for Rahm in the here and now, so imagine what Zuck could do in some districts with the proper puppets.
6. He ends up being the name everyone on his side discusses in the 2018 election cycle a la Nixon in '66.
7. Some of his candidates win, not all, but some. With his control of Facebook and not being an official candidate, he can shift Facebook feeds to his favored candidates.
8. He now has a SuperPAC that is outside normal channels and has the Facebook media org tied to promote people with an election cycle under his belt. It becomes a practice election.
9. 2020 Zuck runs and if he won would walk in with democrats grateful to him dependent on his power island.

Dems cant be primaryed because their money donors are all enjoying the slower move to the left a la GoldmanSachs with a rainbow flag style. No one can primary them? What source of funds is there to fund these candidates? NONE. Zuck solves that on his own. Zuck would not start a party, doing what Macron just did. Too much effort.

Zuckerberg may not be positioning for a run at all but something else. In all honesty, he has more power now as leader of the Facebook maw than being the occupant of the Oval Office. Maybe Zuck wants to be tech czar in a future Democrat administration, where he can do to tech policy what GE did with industrial policy under Obama.

He has trend data. Zuck can also see the writing on the wall. He has access to trend data no one else does that is all tied to real people. Zuck could just be positioning himself for mercy if the plebians get the torches and pitchforks out.


Anonymous said...

How about cartel $ funding brown prog candidates who can talk economic populism and "criminal justice reform"? Make Aztlan Mexico again? The GS crowd might not care as long as the bankers and queers can live like the Mexican upper class, and the young broke white liberal voters won't see past the rhetoric.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Marco Rubio was a Tea Party candidate that betrayed the movement as soon he arrived in Washington, obviously he is just a puppet of a Jewish billionaire car dealer from Florida, Cantor lost he seat but got a millionaire Wall Street job in compensation. Who controls the gold makes the rule and (((they))) have all the gold.

What happened in France deserves a better explanation, the French elite didn't liked the two mainstream parties (Socialists and Republicans), the elite wanted Neoliberal/Conservative economics while being pro-immigration, pro-LGBT, pro-Islam, anti-racism and pro-minorities, and keeping the EU superstate project going together with NATO (American protection).

Macron was in the 2014 Bilderberg meeting (Deep NATO as Steve Sailer said), got a job with the Rothschilds for the single objective of being networked with the elite, the "En Marche" movement was promoted by the media but wasn't a political party, the objective was to destroy the Parti Socialiste (they accomplished) and mortally wound the Republicains, many members of the Socialists and Republicans are now in the Macron party because this all has been planned, even the French elite can't support Left-wing economics anymore but also need its gay, muslim, immigrant,... to appear progressive gains the hateful Front National that is just a marginal (but growing) force in France.

Portlander said...

2020 talk grabs the attention, but I think it much more likely he's going to take a page out of the Clinton play-book: Senate seat 2018 or 2020, then run for Pres in 2024.

Zuck is smart enough not to take-on an incumbent Trump, and, as you make clear, it's not like the Dems are going to have anyone to run against Trump (and win) in 2020 anyway.

Actually, your scenario of him funding a few Dems in 2018 makes a lot of sense for him to do as a "Beta" of his own Senate run in 2020. But again, I don't see a reason for him to rush into a Presidential run in 2020. He's not Hillary with the Reaper knocking on the door. There's nothing that 2020 has for him that 2024 won't.

Anonymous said...

The cartels wont do that because at their level you cant "reform" those sorts of laws