Thursday, May 25, 2017

WW1 - Talented Americans

In this beautifully staged scene, American soldiers gather around the piano to listen to one of their comrades play. American involvement in the war was really secured via our banks. All of those loans to the allies had to be recovered. American business had made bank supplying those Allies. America entered late in the war and hardly entered the battlefield for long before the Armistice. It was the threat of American involvement, the threat of American supplies and the pure numbers game that was needed. This photo is from right before the Armistice in October of 1918 in Argonne, France.


Big Bill said...

World War One: Bankers' Bailout.

Anonymous said...

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

I remember watching normal documentaries on the History (Hitler) Channel about how US involvement in WWI was all about the banks pressuring Woodrow Wilson to get their investiment back, this was some 20 years ago well before the modern internet "conspiracy" culture.

KK Kraska said...

Look at that knife that player is carrying.

peterike said...

America was also brought into the war by Zionists. The Zionists in Britain said they could bring America into the war, via the Jewish bankers who were extremely powerful even then (Schiffs, Warburgs, etc.). In exchange, the Jews got the Balfour Declaration for Israel. This was all happening when Germany wanted a negotiated peace and ceasefire in 1916, but the Jews in Britain owned Churchill and many others, and pressured the Brits out of accepting the proffered peace.

Millions more Europeans died as a result, but hey, Israel! And America entered a war it should never have entered. Even then, our boys were dying for the Jews.

OT: This is an interesting article and right in your wheelhouse: