Sunday, May 07, 2017

Social Matter - The Future Formalization Of Speech Restrictions

New essay up at Social Matter. This one walks through the long term narrative the Left has been building and fostering to lead up to speech restrictions. This is mere formalization of what we all know to be true already. Piece together what the Left talks about in their campus lunacy, and one can see where this is going.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Not only free speech will criminalized but also freedom of association, is illegal to boycott Israeli products in different states already.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

It is easier than we believe, it just needs the right victim to exploit. It has to be someone with enough intersectional multipliers. A black transsexual, a teenage daughter of a "Syrian" refugee family, a gay Latinx social justice activist, etc. The perpetrators have to be white or else it's no good. So once they have the right victim, the media can immediately crank up the outrage machine to fever pitch. Then it takes some "brave" politicians in deep blue states who are ready to push a bill forward to restrict "hate speech." Whites will be left out. Even white women no longer have enough intersectionality to warrant any kind of protection from these bills.

From that point on it will just be a bunch of minorities shouting at white people while white people have to ignore it or risk getting slapped with a fine and/or jail time. With our prog friendly businesses, once they see that you got a $250 fine for calling out a proud Latinx person of color, good luck getting hired at even a McDonald's.

There will eventually be a creation of blacklist/shitlord economy where people who are getting left behind will create a mini economy to keep people making enough money to live, provide for their families, etc. You see a lot of people donating thousands of dollars a week to alt right podcasts already. As the numbers of the exiled keep building up, the shitlord economy may start to nibble away at the "respectable" businesses, which I'm sure will warrant government intervention.

Anonymous said...

I think what will see is a legitimization by the court of bubble zones in a more general fashion. That is what replaced the abortion "buffer zone" laws that were struck down in 2014.