Friday, May 19, 2017

Others Get It + SM Review-Preview 90

Charles Hugh-Smith has an essay that Zero Hedge published that really hits the nail on the head about what is going on in the West. It is disintegrating. Immigration adds to it. Multiculturalism adds to it. Even if they continue to pour in more and more people from a variety of places, the fragmentation will only accelerate. Hugh-Smith is right there. He is very close to us but does not take the last step in his writing.

He and Peter Turchin have many good points. Charles Hugh-Smith sees sickcare for what it is, a jobs racket and rent-seeking endeavor. He sees the parasitic elite detached from the population it supposedly guides. He knows. He sees how the center cannot hold. He sees how centralization is now at the negative returns stage. He points out that centralization's effects are now all negative, and the positives are sequestered away to the very few. Eventually, the social effects will become too much to endure.

The tech is there for greater centralization but it is there for decentralization as well. Each element of tech that adds to greater centralized control can be equally applied for decentralization if people coordinate to value decentralizing. Nick Land has written about the democratization of massive violence as adding to decentralization. This applies to many other capabilities.

How many people want to be a tiny fish in a giant, fetid pond? The elite count on you not just tolerating that but wanting that, craving the chance for that.

Spend some time reading Charles Hugh-Smith's essay and his other work. It is worth it.


Last week I wrote on how rebellions fail or succeed if they have elite factions supporting them. England saw two similar attempts, with one succeeding, so the story was why? Elites need to feel threatened and feel that they have something to gain with the rebels. Weimerica Weekly was on the Chinese critique of the white left (baizuo).

This week I will write on the spread of prison culture, and how our culture is sliding towards it not just from the police state assembled but population-wise. Weimerica Weekly will touch on the blackpilling, which allows me to discuss what the first 100 days or so of Clinton's presidency would've looked like.


Augustina said...

I've been reading Charles Hugh Smith for years, since even before I read alt-right or neoreaction. He comes from more of a left wing mindset, and I've never seen him criticize immigration. But he does get how power and control are out of the hands of the people. The problem is he still thinks the people can and should be the rulers. He comes from a more egalitarian viewpoint.

Nevertheless, he has many insights and is a very good read. I highly recommend him.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"The elite count on you not just tolerating that but wanting that, craving the chance for that."

The Deep State is now openly praised by the media, the once ignored Bilderbegr Group is now accepted as the rulers of the world.

Gerold said...

I’m glad I’m old and decided long ago not to raise a family during the decline of western civilization. You might say that contributed to the decline, but I’m reminded of a fart in a windstorm.

I read CHS regularly. His analysis is excellent, but he’s naïve to think any of us can stop this painful Fourth Turning. Just because we overcame previous ones doesn’t mean we’ll come out of this one intact. Never before have the stars aligned against us as they are now.

I do what little I can with my pathetic little blog, but I’ve given up talking to those who refuse to see the obvious. Waste of oxygen.