Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Memorial Day started as a day to remember the dead from the Civil War. The holiday evolved to remember all those who died serving in America's armed forces. It has further evolved into an unofficial kick off to the tourist season and foodie holiday.

It is also a tougher holiday as patriotism weakens as the American identity unravels. On top of this, the idea of imperial wars of choice hurts this. I lost a friend in the Iraq War. Died within his first month there. I remember him shipping off looking bad ass like a Marine should and getting the news sitting at my desk at work a month later. I don't just think about him when Memorial Day comes around. I think about him whenever we are talking about the imperial wars of choice and our dead and maimed caused by fights we do not need to engage in or even supply.

I thought of him the other week when someone said my little kids looked like they walked off a TV set. He used to say my sister and I were like TV Kids, right out of a show. He'd be telling me that they cast cuter kids in the new show. He can't because he was killed at 21 and there are pieces of him still over there.

Remember the fallen on Memorial Day.

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