Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Male Infidelity Will Collapse With VR Sex + Sex Robots

Did you see the Harmony sex robot picture? It was tweeted out and went viral. Not just viral in our realm of the Internet but wider. The fear from ladies was thick enough you could spread it on a bagel. The robot looked real, so the only question was a realistic facsimile of movement.

This is not the only development in sex tech I have seen. A really weird picture was sent my way. It was the marketing graphic which was of a well built man enjoying a set of VR goggles but also with a weird fleshlights looking thing on his groin. I was informed that it was an advertisement for the coming VR porn goggles synched with a fleshlight that mimics the action that the VR movie is providing the point-of-view (POV) scene viewer.

I have heard this called teledildonics. The program allows for a performer to 'work' a dildo that has sensors on it, and then you the end user place a fleshlight type device onto your member and her actions then send signals to the fleshlight to mimic her actions. Same for female users, and even an easier concept as it'd be a programmed and synched vibrator to the video. It is crude now, but wait five years.

The Heartiste Robosexual apocalypse approaches, but there may be one pro-social outcome. I am surprised he did not even consider it, but he is a single man so it is hard to step out of one's shoes. Yes, alphas (soft and hard alphas) will be able to accumulate harems (soft and hard in arrangement) as the deltas and omegas remove themselves from the dating market. Women may feel the heat and improve their resume for finding a mate if they value human contact and want to raise children with a man who is the father. The one positive that may occur could be a massive collapse in male infidelity (not female).

Roughly 20% of married men cheat. Surveys show roughly 15% of married women cheat. This often leads to divorce, but sometimes it does not as the person is never caught. Sometimes it does not because the betrayed tolerates it. Surveys also show that far more men who cheat are happy in their marriage than women who cheat are. Men just love to spread the genes. It's one bit of diversity we love (vagina diversity). Sex robots and tactile VR will drop that to zero by satisfying it without breaking the sanctity of marriage.

There is the legal and financial issue. Who would risk divorce to cheat with a real woman if a robot or VR simulator is available? No one unless they want to get caught and divorce or are dumb. Why risk the diseases out there? This will only spike if the antibiotic resistant STDs arrive and spread fast. Why risk the false rape accusations? Why even bother with having to develop a potential? That is some hard work. Why put in the effort for a 7 in contracts when you can have Salma Hayek 1999-bot at home?

Few think of the celebrity, model or Instathot licensing, but that will happen. It will be an easy way for robot producers to sell to a guaranteed market. These would be renewable licenses too in case people change their look, improve or decline. Some people could even license a specific look of theirs (Like a Prayer Madonna vs Like a Virgin Maddona). Celebrity visibility then sells each bot. It is a way for the celebrities to also make more money off of themselves. This goes double or triple for has-beens or older figures as one can imagine the Marilyn Monroe 1953-bot would sell well. If you think no one would invest in the creation of sex robots, imagine the money that would underwrite the production of them when they know they can sell Kate Uptons with an exclusive license.

"But Ryan there's an emotional or chemistry element to it... while we're not chicks with their lame emotional affairs, there is the point of knowing someone." Think. Do not think of a robot this time. The VR programs will be where this comes in. This is where you'd say to the program, "Hello SexSim, yeah can you go to my LinkedIn... take Ashley Duvan, map her hair and face onto the body of Olivia Newton John from 1979 in the Xanadu all white outfit".

Boom, you are getting freaky with a 7 from accounting except now with a better body. You've dressed her up and even run a Holodeck situation for whatever you're thinking. The social media sharing of today would mean a SexSim program would merely have to comb a woman's account to not only get imagery but basic movements, ticks, mannerisms and even voice to make the experience even more realistic. Like the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner selling their replicants as more human than human, these VR modules offer you the chance to conjure up reality. With your personal touches, it's realer than real. It becomes a perfect moment.

This is a bit frightening and I will not combine this with the news of the bag that grew a lamb embryo, so artificial wombs are closer than we think. With small sons, I have to contemplate the idea that my 25 year old son could tell me how a CRISPR designed male heir is at month four in the arti-womb, providing him with his first born for him and Renee-bot421. The fear would be that it is superior to the females out there for him to build a life with. Some horror stories do not need jump scenes or scare panels.

That scene may not happen, but this collapse in infidelity will happen if these two consumer products hit the market. Men will embrace it. Married men will enjoy it. The progressive legal system is only going to tilt more in favor of hysterical women. The women entering the dating pool at age 18 or 22 will be leaving an education and propaganda system that tells them that sex is empowering but almost all sexual contact is rape, some years later even if you did not think it rape at the time.

People create parallel institutions. People homeschool to avoid propaganda and security issues. Demand will be there, and only a fool will risk entering the prog legal system when a robot or VR facsimile experience is there.


Anonymous said...

Ultimately we are led to Ted Kaczynski's lucid conclusion that the human race will turn into a manufactured product.

The artificial womb interests me far more than the sex robots. With an artificial womb, it will be far more common for women to have kids without ever marrying. They will avoid the toil of pregnancy to maintain their bod for a few extra years of alpha chasing and careering. They will be cheered. The babies will be genetic constructions of desirable traits the women could otherwise not land on the commitment market. The artificial womb will amplify and intensify feminism.

The effects of the artificial womb/CRISPR engineering will be very wide and distinct class stratification. Those who can afford the technology will all have high IQ, tall, and yes White, good looking descendants. Those who can't afford the tech will form a permanent mulatto underclass. Exceptions may only be close knit religous communities like the Amish who can be crushed any time the elite feels like it.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a break dude, so-called "alphas" are not trying to spread any genes, it is just a a way to rack up notches for ego gratification, the biggest nightmare for an "alpha" is to impregnate.

Anonymous said...

tbh waiting for the first lawsuit where one of these sex robots malfunctions and lops off some NEET's penis

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm just not feeling it. Sounds fucking disgusting.

What's the cost? If prohibitive, I can see frat boys and groups of post-college nerds pooling their savings to buy one for the group and pass her around.

If (or when) we get the Counter-Revolution and Alt-Right Restoration, I can also imagine tradcon bot-hunters who hunt down men (for a bounty) who have sex with machines. I'd happily volunteer for such a job.

"Olivia Newton John from 1979 in the Xanadu all white outfit".

Mmmm, my first big crush. What about her white cowgirl outfit and boots for 'Magic'? Those legs, hair, and smile...!

Anonymous said...

Already happening with regular old IVF

Contaminated NEET said...

Not feeling it, LBF? That's easy to say from your cozy boomer nest - you've already got yours. Young men wandering the wasteland you've bequeathed them might feel different.

PatBuchanan2012 said...

First I gotta nitpick and say the rates of Infidelity are much higher than the numbers you cited (Which makes sense, because they are surveys and most people won’t admit to affairs for obvious reasons). Business Insider and ABC News, respectively, list the rate of married women cheaters at ~40% and 50%+ while the Washington Post says married men are somewhere between 25% to 70%(!). WashPo also cites two separate studies from the earlier 1990s that place both wives and husbands at over 70% cheating, but that data is very outdated and was taken at a time where both marriage and divorce rates were much higher than today.

With that out of the way, I think both you and CH are only largely looking at the short term consequences of this revolution and then projecting the trends from that into the long term. What do I mean by that? I think we can all agree most guys are going to try to take advantage of their new found sexbot as much as possible, which probably means near nightly (If not more than once a day!) uses. While sex can’t replace proper exercise, near daily sessions will probably allow most guys to shed a few excess pounds and perhaps tone up a bit. They’re also likely to gradually pick up a lot of lovemaking skills too which, when combined with the confidence they’ll gain from having their sexbot, dovetails with their improved physique in improving their SMV.

Now, granted, they won’t have the seduction skills of the True Alphas, but in the new dating environment they will still thrive. With a newfound pride this new group of men will not be as feminized as today’s male population, simply because they have no reason to grovel to women in the hope of getting laid, which will ironically make them more attractive to women. You’re also going to have “dreading” practiced on a society wide level, as women will know that men no longer have to put up with BS just to get laid. With no hold over men in the form of sex and a new generation of restored masculinity in Western Culture, feminism is going to utterly die because its current practitioners will have to make themselves more feminine if they want any hope of settling down with a Husband. This is probably while a lot said Feminists have already come out swinging against the bots, simply because they realize what it means in the long term for their ideology.

Going back to infidelity again, I think the arisal of Sexbots will definitely kill off female infidelity as well instead of just the male version as you suggest. The Alphas are simply going to be too busy managing their harem of 9s and 10s to be bothered with going after another man’s 7 or 8. Those that do, for whatever messed up reason they have, will find to their detriment that the new “Betas” will be much more willing to defend their “turf” then today. Meanwhile, the Non-Alphas will also see no point in the trouble of going after another man’s girl when they can have a Sexbot that simply blows said girl out of the water looks wise. They’ll also likely have a girl of their own, and one is usually good enough for most guys. This new social order on the part of men will be combined with the loss of Feminist-encouraged hypergamy on the part of women, who will likely instinctively realize their reduced SMV status in society and thus be far more willing to settle than they are today (So no more branch swinging!). As a consolation prize to the women for the near instant loss of the CC as they know it today and thus increased rates of virginity among them, a far larger share of Western women won’t lose their ability to pair bond like they are today from having multiple partners, which means they will likely have happier marriages than they do today (Reduced divorce!).

So, in short, I don’t believe Sex Bots will end Western Civilization as we know it as CH suggests, but instead will actually restore it by indirectly forming a Patriarchal system that restores the Western male.

Anonymous said...

Why marry and cheat? Just don't marry at all. No one who matters will care.