Friday, May 05, 2017

Daily Caller Appearance + SM Review-Preview 88

With the emergence of street fights, I felt it was time to try to seed the Weimerica meme elsewhere. The Daily Caller was generous in allowing me space to write about the Weimar-Weimerica parallels, albeit in a toned down manner. This can introduce the idea to normies and name that national feeling that they can all see.

Street fighting is a deeper step into the idea. It's not like the attacks on Trump supporters in 2016. This is both sides expecting battle. After playing it neutral, which meant siding with the antifa, the Berkeley cops decided to unmask the antifa at the latest Berkeley meet up. They scattered. Escalation and optics matter so it is possible the Left's elite know a bunch of black clad masked people attacking nationalists (male and female) in red, white and blue looks awful and affects the middle.

I've noticed the Damigo-Moldylocks punch is sitting odd with some people. It's not just the acceptance that a young woman is bringing gear to a protest to 'scalp Nazis' or that we support a man defending himself by knocking out a dainty woman that attacked him. It's this sick system.

Damigo enters the Marines, serves in an imperial war of choice and comes home to a state swamped with Mexicans and other assorted Third Worlders. He starts up a nationalist-identitarian group for young men while on disability from his service. Moldlocks goes to college, runs through the Marxist indoctrination and then is an online porn girl who shows up to political rallies in support of Big Biz and Third Worldist Marxism.

It's hitting some because of the perversion of it all. Not sexual but what we idealize America as a possibility versus our sick reality. Look at Damigo and look at 18 year of Moldylocks before college got to her. Consider a different path and serendipitous meet-up. Like in a classic American movie, that is the young, California native that enters the military to fight in WW2 for the survival of America and freedom and comes back to a home he recognizes that welcomes him and by chance meets and marries young Moldlocks, the cute blonde girl from SoCal. Films were made exactly like that.

We don't have that. We have the Damigo-Moldylocks connection. It's not love but violence. It's not a happily ever after but a what comes next. We can't affect the high elite, but we can push back on the low culture. Build your networks, encourage positive behavior, be a lighthouse for people sick of this clown world. It's a broken down circus, so show people the path to the exits.


Last week I covered how a cabal of advisors pulled Marine LePen left on economics and missed the opportunity to frame the entire election as a referendum on immigration. Weimerica Weekly covered the idea of identity shopping.

This week I will explain how the Left can use their supermajority in California and their control of academia to get rid of the freedom of speech without federal legislation. Weimerica Weekly might be on real estate. I've got a series of tips for stuff to cover.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I commented to this respect before, but I view you as the best beacon for guys like me on the internet. Underrated and criminally under-read. You synthesize the best aspects of neoreaction while avoiding the spergy nerd voice and come across as just a really smart, cool guy. Sort of the best landing point for Heartiste readers who also want something a bit more. If I could encapsulate it, I'd say if my best friend had +20 IQ points and cared about politics, he'd sound a lot like sobl1.

No purpose to this pole-shining I guess other than encouragement. Psuedonymous blogging is a thankless job.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks Anon. It's a labor of love.

Glengarry said...

The point about love instead of violence is well taken. What a world we're living in.

The Weimar article was good too, I'd say no further gruesome details needed at this stage.

Anonymous said...

What is your take on PT Carlo's trad dad stuff?

Son of Brock Landers said...

I will comment on PT on monday.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I just want my Freikorps.

Anonymous said...

I *finally* parsed "weimerica" succesfully, just in time to notice a headline
on a NYC tabloid about the Dems singing in Congress, just as the SDs used to
in Germany (this started I THINK) in the Wilhelmine era)

to Laguna Beach Fogey. it's not a Freikorps you want. Start looking around for
what you do want. I don't know where you are, so it might not be apparent.