Friday, May 26, 2017

Curious Case of Known Terrorists + SM Review-Preview 91

This is something worth digging into, but there has to be something deeper at play with the suicidal moves of the EU elite with regards to leaving the borders open despite terror attacks. Each time one happens, they know they sacrifice some votes to nationalist and ultranationalist parties. I've written before that the parliamentarian way they have things set up, the neoliberal mandarins have cushion, but the danger is in that bloc or blocs becoming too large.

Many of these attackers are known to police. Some are observed and even under watch as they get ready to attack. It is too easy to state that they are just enforcing anarcho-tyranny because the elite realize that each attack harms them. A multiracial melting pot with zero attacks is far superior to one with common attacks that leave dead children in the streets.

This is worth researching because there must be both a high and a low reason. First a high must be pulling strings for specific types of law enforcement and observation. Second, a low might be too tricky to handle for the law enforcement. Jihad and mosques provide quite the cover when jihad is woven into the fabric of the religion and mosques act as recruitment centers.

These recent jihadis have been small time crooks so known to the police might mean something different than observed for jihad possibility. They could even be run as informants and assets for the internal security just monitoring regular crime.

This is the pain of a multiracial, multicultural society. This is why people must go back, the boats must be stopped, the immigration flow must end. More pain will come and will continue until the serious steps and harsh measures that must be taken are taken or formalization of the no-go zones and ethnic enclaves occur.


Last week I wrote on the radicalization of the youth being tied to their presence in a society that resembles more and more American prisons. Weimerica Weekly was about all of the blackpilling around.

This week I will cover the F35 mega-project and how it was a project meant for another era but completely in the MIC corruption mode that Eisenhower warned us about but does not have to be. Weimerica Weekly will cover the odd open marriage glorification in the NYT Mag and then a curious case of the exception being discussed as a means to rewrite our laws.


Anonymous said...

The most likely big picture motive is that domestic terror attacks increase support for foreign interventions. These terror attacks increase support for nationalist movements, but a huge portion of "right wing" voters are still controllable through the usual narratives. Terror attack? Lets bomb the shit out of 'em. Can't close borders bc we need "moderate muslims allies"? Well okay, at least we bombed the shit out of 'em. Israel gains ground, War, oil and debt profiteers happy. Rinse and repeat.

peterike said...

"Each time one happens, they know they sacrifice some votes to nationalist and ultranationalist parties."

Some, maybe, but obviously not enough to matter. And at the same time, each attack brings on an orgy of hand-holding and "we are the world" solidarity with Muslims B.S. In fact, for the people that matter who do the leg work for the oligarchs -- media types, educators from K to Uni, lower tier politicos -- this actually makes them MORE fervid in their open borders ideology. If a few more 70 year old chavs decide to switch away from a lifetime of voting Labor -- or working class in U.S. voting Dem -- it's not even close to tipping the balance because for every white that flips, 10 new blacks, browns and yellows have arrived.

And the chaos also makes the fearful more accepting of the surveillance state, and oddly more in agreement with censoring "hate speech," which I don't have to say is never hate against whitey.

Bottom line, my opinion is that the result is counter-intuitive: the more trouble the invaders make, the more some white people will demand more of them are let in. Jesus, if 9/11 and Rotherham didn't turn the hive mind, relatively picayune stuff like this won't change a thing. Even if it happens every single day.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

It was already been formalized, London has a Pakistani Mayor after all, the Paki rape gangs aren't going anywhere.

Like anon said above will be more intervention but helping the same Sunni nutters who are attacking the ex-West, the Saudis and Gulf sheikdoms have US/UK and EU politicians by the balls with their Petro-Dollars, and more importantly they have a unofficial alliance with Rotshchildville that has greenlighted all their ambitions.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

It's possible that the elite/managerial class just consider these events to be minor bumps on the road that, while less than ideal, aren't going to stop them from pursuing their long term vision. This is a religion to these people and they're more likely to double down on their faith than question it. They're so certain that they've won the war that they're willing to lose a battle here and there.

Anonymous said...

PA said...

I am drafting a post in which I am approvingly quoting your Memorial Day tweets. Is it OK if I refer to you as Ryan Landry?

Tiny Duck said...

FACT there have been more white supremacist terror attacks then Muslim attacks

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of some of the previous WW eps. Could you revisit the interviews you did with two separate girls? One worked in a police department, the other in democratic party politics. Would be interesting to hear them again.

Anonymous said...

The F-35 program was designed for a nation facing a competent, nearly equal rival for massive air engagements.

That's a good explanation for muh Russia. To justify the F35 we need to pretend the Cold War never ended and that the Soviets were our equals technologically.

Stephen said...

They believe their own propaganda too much. And if they do too much surveillance deportation of actual terrorist their own side will devour them for being racist. When you are playing the establishment game many doing moderate actions that will help the them long term will just get you outcast for heresy.