Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Shakedown Of Elon Musk

Lawfare is a potent weapon. It is not just used against corporations or broader groups, but against individuals as well. If billionaires can be weaponized, then billionaires can be targets. Regardless of what one thinks of Elon Musk, it is easy to see that he is not just a billionaire, an industrialist but also a symbol. Musk has carefully cultivated an image, and hits every note that the 'in crowd' would want in a tech leader. It also makes him a target if he steps off the reservation.

Musk has done so, and is now a target. Musk even just listening to President Trump is a problem. Musk is now the target of a multimillion dollar campaign to split Musk from Trump. The man behind the campaign is Doug Derwin, a tech investor with a degree from (you guessed it) Harvard law School. The crime that Musk committed was not openly voicing displeasure with Trump. This is a high on high fight to discourage anyone else from getting ideas about supporting Trump. If no one of high status can support or even cooperate with him, then no one low will venture out to do so either.

It does not stop there. Musk's firm Tesla is now facing a discrimination lawsuit. The media immediately sided with the plaintiff, not just in reporting it but how they framed it. A progressive voter coalition member (black male) that enjoys protection under the government did not like how things were going for him and filed a lawsuit. This getting media attention smears Tesla and makes Musk, the Tony Stark leadership figure, look like a bad guy. Think of the messaging: Musk is a straight white male in charge of a viciously racist firm. All of those years as the future of green auto manufacturing goes out the window.

The discussion of these lawsuits, which even at first glance of statements look ridiculous, applies pressure to individuals and corporations. No one wants bad press. no one with such a high profile wants bad press. This is the power of propaganda that the media has, and by extension the Left holds as it is firmly entrenched in the media, academia, bureaucracy and judiciary.

This is a joke, but so are these lawsuits in general. What they are is a means for the High on the Left to reward their foot soldiers that make up their voting power Low with favorable employment and the potential to hit a lawsuit jackpot. Sometimes they can even receive class action lawsuit payouts where they do not do anything but simply exist as the proper demographic. The Left has in effect weaponized each individual group it claims to represent by enshrining in the legal system favorable terms. Musk is now a target and these weapons will be used against him.

Stop to consider the changing nature of sexual harassment claims. It was sold as no one should have to provide sex to keep their job. Then it was inappropriate comments and simply being asked out by a guy she did not like (Clarence Thomas anyone?). The goalposts have shifted so much now that it is merely if they do not get promoted fast enough (Tesla's suit) or a far more ridiculous defining down: environment. A woman does not have to be the target of any comment or pressure to file a complaint or lawsuits, merely know of it and then made uncomfortable.

Tesla is 85% male and 15% female. SpaceX is 88% male and 12% female. Even with these low female percentages, Musk still runs into problems from lawsuit filers. Musk's companies can then be told they are not pro-female enough, forcing him to create space for female employees. The core problem lies in the progs denial of reality. One can only hire what one can find. How many females are in STEM? How many graduate in those fields/ How many want those jobs? How many are better candidates than male candidates?

This applies to all groups the progs claim to protect. This makes their ability to file lawsuits and wreck havoc as another means to bend even the wealthiest individuals and corporations to progressive needs.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

When Trump was gaining popularity and National Kikeview made that symposium edition against Trump someone on the MPC forum said that wasn't about ending Trump candidacy since FOX News had already tried and failed, but to discourage any conservative journalist of being pro-Trump.

Pandemonium said...

If 15% of the company is causing 100% of the problems just Fire the women and go to Mars without them...

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, the meme was propagated thusly: those most harmed by affirmative action
were the competent minority people.
Later I realized this was without foundation. Those most harmed were the excluded
"majority" people AND patients/clients/consumers.

peterike said...

Hmmm. The article leaves out interesting details that would require noticing. So the complainer is a black dude. Indeed, a black guy at a technology company is as rare as a black guy at a TED talk, but these are manufacturing jobs. He's a guy on the assembly line, or somewhere in the shop at least.

Now for a company in California, who else might be working there? Hmmm.... Mexicans maybe? Off the boat Chinese? You know, members of the multi-cult who haven't quite acclimated to the American Unwritten Speech Laws. The idea that a WHITE worker used the N-word is almost inconceivable. However, a Mexer or a Chinese? Yeah, sure they would. But all we hear are "co-workers."

The laugh line in the article: "Dewitt had the 'dirtiest mouth' they had 'ever heard,' including using the same racially insensitive language that he had complained about."

Lolz! So in other words, he said something like "you niggas ain't gonna... whine whine whine." And very likely somebody used the word back, even in the context of telling him "don't say nigga." And now, abra cadabra, Dewitt heard the N-word used "at him"! Cah-ching!!!

That's my speculation on what probably really happened. And then Dewitt got hisself a lawyer like that Jackie guy on Seinfeld. "This is horrendous! Atrocious! Egregious! Now how much did you say that company is worth?"

In Weimerica, everything is a grift, everything is a con.