Monday, April 17, 2017

Devalued Forgiveness

Easter has come and gone. Easter is the culmination of the season of Lent where Jesus' sacrifice for our sins is remembered and celebrated. It is a funny thing to ponder now: sin, forgiveness and sacrifice. This is the YOLO culture. We live in the no judgment society. Forgiveness is easily uttered. As Christianity has withered, so have these subjects. It is not exactly the faith that has devalued these things but the people that live the faith.

There is a common American news ritual now. A horrible crime is committed. Even before the perpetrator is caught, the news goes to the family of the victim for a statement. Rather than keep their mouths shut, they utter the phrase "We forgive the killer". This can floor the viewer of local news or cause others to roll their eyes at the idiot Churchianity types uttering "we forgive these murdering rapists".

One of the worst instances of this was the wife of a pastor in Indianapolis being brutally murdered and raped (while rpegnant) in front of her toddler. This article is from months after when her pastor husband discussed forgiveness. Even before the criminals were caught, the pastor was rolling out on camera talking forgiveness. It was strange to see such reflexive, "I am holy, I forgive you unknown killer of my wife and unborn child".

It was an example of how many Christians have forgotten was forgiveness means. They forgive instinctively without any consideration for the concept of remorse. It could be a status bump to forgive what many would consider unforgiveable. Read the link above and see how the pastor made it all about him not holding onto the horrible feelings of anger. In the sin and horrible act on his family, there were multiple parties, not just his feelings.

This happens even after bigger events than a single murder like terrorism. The forgiveness is easily given and reveals how cheap and devalued it is. What is the awesome power of forgiveness when its spoken as if by a robot? It is common to see and hear this in the news spoken by those wonderful evangelicals that are so devout.

As descendants of the Prots, they come from that line that destroyed the idea of ritual confession. "See kids, only God knows if you're truly remorseful. Going to some silly priest will not absolve you. Silly Papists." The Prot intention that an individual would wrestle with their act and truly grasp their sin and come to terms with God is admirable. It's also possibly only good for believers with good cognitive function. It places the focus of dealing with guilt on the individual, which can be a strong feeling and religious test.

It is also a bad idea for the masses. We have to admit that many individuals barely have agency or awareness of next week. If a church continuously pushes the God loves all despite all shortcomings, that church will be full of those Christians that 'pray' on decisions, royally screw over friends, but then wipe away the act with "God loves me". This Gods loves me no matter what also twists their conception of the afterlife, but that is for another essay.

Losing the ritual of confession also disconnects one from the community, which the priest or reverend is the connector. Confessing would give the priest inside information, and even if you told no one else, there'd be a set of eyes on you that would know. It could be a behavioral control system, and with the backing of God's wrath behind it, a powerful one for the community. It combines guilt culture with a set of eyes that can shame one because of their knowledge.

There is another side to this and part of the reason why forgiveness is devalued now. We are expected to forgive everything. Grudges or even learned prejudices are strongly discouraged. Society wide, why hold one grudge? If you hold a grudge, you might be able to see patterns and hold a grudge against a group... we would not want that unless it is a grudge approved by the progressive clerisy. Forgive mere mortal, you only live once, so why hold onto any hard feelings... everybody does it.


ConantheContrarian said...

I see two issues here. First, I am disgusted by the ridiculous virtue-signaling of the relatives of victims publicly forgiving brutal criminals. I agree with you. Second, you connect the status-bump, virtue-signaling with the destruction of ritual confession. Frankly, I do not see the connection, or you did not explain it very well. And, yes, I am a Protestant, raised Catholic.

It is not that we readily and easily forgive sin in the current year, rather it is that sin has been diluted or made invisible by the forces of Progressivism, which Protestants and Catholics alike have bought into.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Someone asked me whether I forgave the SJW cunts and certain disiciplinary committee jackasses who nearly got me expelled from med school (eich style) and blemished my record to affect my residency match.
I told her hopefully those SJWs could have the career of their dreams where I will never have to see them again. I explicitly made clear that I will forgive them when they actually beg God for forgiveness. Through my ordeal, I prayed a lot, if only for the strength to restrain myself and the ability to learn something from the experience. I guess I got both.

peterike said...

When these cucked out whites offer their "forgiveness," it always seems to be a case of the killer(s) being from The Diversity. Are they so quick to forgive the actions of white criminals?

It would be an interesting thing to study, though difficult to prove a negative if there was no public forgiveness. My gut sense is that we get far more of this shameless virtue signalling when the killer is diverse.

I wasn't about to watch the video of the pastor. It's too demoralizing to see something like that.

Olan said...

Better a low-class protty church full of whites than a mestizo mass lead by a communist Jesuit.

t. Lapsed Polish Catholic in Boston

Anonymous said...

i will probably burn in hell for his comment - forgive me. :) but this guy davey blackburn seems like a real nutjob. not at all phased by the death of his wife. even makes a reference to "i had a dream she was going to divorce me" when remembering her. isn't that the basis of every great dateline NBC episode? not a tear in sight. this is some serious BS.

Anonymous said...

i guess the other idiocy of all this forgiveness is that it is the SINNER who is supposed to request forgiveness. that's what counts.

he was giving TV interviews and talking about "how to move forward" before he even knew what happened.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. And yet The Angel of Death gets dispatched. Christians do not see the Justice. God is not mysterious. Justice is not merciful. Hot coals and fire await the sinner. Forgive them all ye want. Remorse is not found in the wicked. The pain and suffering of their victims does not move the sinners. However, their own pain that exceeds the crimes, they can feel quite well. Learn or not, they will receive correction.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> When these cucked out whites offer their "forgiveness," it always seems to be a case of the killer(s) being from The Diversity.

That seems to be the case more often than not. Whites can't be too mad that their family member(s) got culturally enriched. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Empathize with the young (black) man. Maybe he just snapped after all those years of white supremacy. After all, he wanted to be an astronaut. I mean sure, he was 19 years old and was slinging drugs but he really was going to be an astronaut! Maybe if the standardized testing wasn't so racist, he would do better and go to college. Never mind that you will never be able to see your son/daughter/wife/husband again, think about the pain that this young (black) man's mother (because he has no father lol) has to deal with knowing that his son is going to part of the prison system. So yes whitey, please forgive. You wouldn't want to be a racist now would you?

Anonymous said...

@Conan. I listened to a Red Ice podcast awhile ago with a Prot Swede who mentioned exactly what this post talked about. He felt that because Protestantism doesn't have the release valve of confession Prots keep burying guilt to the point where they express it in unhealthy ways. It's a crude summary of his point, but I think you can understand the premise.