Friday, April 14, 2017

4D Chess Meme + SM Review-Preview 85

The 4D Chess Meme is a brilliant meme for the Trump phenomenon. It is not a new one, but comical when deployed. It becomes a catch all.

Trump says something weird? 4D Chess.

Trump randomly mentions someone? 4D Chess.

Trump screws up a roll out of something which fails but was not his exactly? 4D Chess.

Trump sends his own tax returns that show a billion dollar loss and then sends his returns showing a +$150 million return 8 years later signifying how much bank he made in 8 years to eat through that loss on national TV? 4D Chess.

Trump lobs missiles at Syria but at Assad prior to a meeting in Moscow between foreign ministers and while the Chinese head of state is eating dessert at Mar-A-lago because your forpol guys want the Norks dealt with? 4D Chess.

Similar to appropriating some of The Donald's speech, mannerisms, style or approach for use in everyday life, mentioning the 4D Chess when you stumble into some luck will help you. It adds a layer of mystery or a cloud around your motives, hiding them. It can cover up though for bad executions of things that somehow still turn out okay.

Where this helps Team trump is that he can use the Mad Bomber strategy but without the negative connotations. Nixon used this strategy when Kissinger was talking to the North Vietnamese to resolve the Vietnam War. Nixon wanted everyone, not just the Vietnamese, to know he would go to any length to get a deal with America on favorable terms. The real targets of his moves were the ChiComs and Soviets. He wanted them to see how serious he was. This not only helped with Vietnam but with opening China and détente.

Saying Trump was using Mad Bomber would play right into the media's hands of Trump being a psychotic loose cannon. 4D Chess is a peaceful way to portray oneself as unpredictable without any insane or violent connotations. This matters. Americans love a killer, but a friendly, thinking-man's killer.

Some serious 4d Chess would be... >HYPOTHETICAL< ...if you had analysts that saw an opposing nation trending towards breaking up or internal conflict. How would they break up? Maybe geographically, economically, or along race and ethnic lines. Ah race! One way you could push that would be to help someone who is an outsider to the political teams and already dislikes the players in the current system, doesn't want to play ball. They're young so they could be bought off relatively cheaply for potential huge gains like a penny stock. Why not give them some publicity on your network and why not marry off someone in your orbit to them? Make sure he completes his end of the bargain and knocks her up so she has an anchor baby. Just one, no more needed, but now she definitely can be a propaganda voice for you within the enemy's gates with the amazing ability to feel the true motives or inside info that does pan out. On top of this, magically you have a conduit for any information you want to pipe in or out of the country, even money. Shucks, if the asset becomes an open dissident, you have a Schelling point for all disgruntled people within the country to rally around. Plus, that person pushes a line that would fracture your opponent along one of those fault lines that your deep thinkers see as present. He just needs to say out loud what people think or feel... some may even be unaware. If they gain group awareness or even enough of them call for collective action, well then you the outside force can assist with or guarantee them the right of self-determination in the event your opponent trends closer to conflict. This is how President Wilson encouraged separatists in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the closing years of WW1.

No, I don't think Mr. Spencer is a Russian agent or that he had a GRU assigned wife, but that would be some seriously buy low, long term 4D Chess by Russia's Deep State if it were true. That's also what the Left peddles when not calling Spencer a Nazi. There was a graphic that had lines and Putin, Dugin, Spencer's Wife, Spencer and then further lines to Miller-Sessions-Trump. It is completely ridiculous. This is a warning about 4D Chess. It can sound like conspiracy​ theorizing if taken too far.


Last week I wrote on how there will be no patriarchy without patriarchs first. Weimerica Weekly was about the Pepsi Ad that made progs mad.

This week I will cover the hand wringing over the plight of impoverished areas within the blue states that shucks just happen. No one knows how it happens! Weimerica Weekly will most likely be about a topic several of you have sent my way, "Adult Day Camps".


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Breaks campaign promises and flip-flops from one policy position to the next. 4D chess.

Fun to watch how this works.

Portlander said...

Heh. You so lost me. Up until you name-dropped Spencer, I thought you were talking about Kushner.

I'm sitting here thinking WTF??

Now I'm thinking of the Lenin/Lennon scene from "The Dude." SoBL is Walter and I'm Donnie.

Portlander said...

They're young so they could be bought off relatively cheaply

If my twitter is to believed, you could have an army of NEETs for no more than the cost of a corresponding number of waifu.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

There seems to be a schism building among the alt right looking at sites like MPC, TRS, etc. There are some guys who are really committed to the 4D chess meme and others who see Trump backsliding or just outright doing a 180 on what he ran on.

My guess is that the 4D chess people are younger who have really emotionally invested themselves in Trump himself and even if he ends up being Jeb's doppelganger after this year, they will desperately cling to the 4D chess strategy, thinking that Trump is going to do another 180 and run on what he campaigned on. This seems to be the stance people like Ricky Vaughn are taking: kids in their 20s, maybe early 30s who are idealistic about their God Emperor Trump.

Then the other side is those who are reading the tea leaves and seeing Trump move to more neocon friendly policies. The agitprop that Ivanka has the sads about something so therefore Daddy must take care of it; I think that is 100% BS but it got pushed out there by the man himself. All that means is that if you can get to Ivanka, you can get Trump to renege on just about everything and what a shock, she has a (((husband))) who wants to push Trump to a more "moderate" administration. I noticed that the people in their mid 30s and later seem to be subscribing to this.

I saw the former group a lot with Obama when I was much younger. They are true believers at first but they grow apathetic instead of mad. The latter category seems to be getting a lot more mad. Just something I noticed about the age differences among the alt right.