Thursday, March 16, 2017

WW1 - American Stupidity

This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer in March of 1917. This is an American media outlet celebrating the abdication and revolution going on within a piece of the alliance that America would join within a month. No one knew what this meant for the war effort. Russia's withdrawal and separate peace would place great strain on the Western Front. This is why getting America to come as soon as possible and throw men into the fight mattered so much. The Western powers had lost their Russian steamroller. 

Exporting democracy for a century. No concept of who were the psychopaths overthrowing the Tsar. No idea how messy revolution truly is. The cynic in me wonders if Jacob Schiff commissioned this out of his hot hatred for the Tsar. We know now that the oppression of the Tsars was nothing in comparison to one week of the Red Terror.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

A Estonian researcher says that it was Jacob Schiff who ordered the killing of the Tsar and his family.

Anonymous said...

Writing about WWI necessitates the ability to see what is in plain view, the
horrendous losses that never seem to draw any intelligent commentary.

There's a book on the French mutiny of 1917 Dare Call it Treason, by
Watt (can't recall his first name) c. 1963. Again the title is:
Dare Call It Treason. some useful background on France.

Docherty and McGregor's Fist World War: Hidden History (from memory) some of
which is online. I haven't read it all but it is superior to the obfuscatory
doorstops which have been ballyhooed of late.

Antony Sutton. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. where you might find
this I can't say offhand. Guido Preparata's Conjuring Hitler includes some
of the same material. I find the Preparata book idiosyncratically warped in
a manner I find it hard to describe, but if you can't get the Sutton book,
that's what there is.

The Schiff contribution has been discussed by other than the above commenter's
unnamed Estonian researcher. I'll have to check who says what.

Pls don't go off into some Jewaholic culdesac... I don't know how better to
describe it. "Jewaholic" is from Bob Whitaker's site (he of the Mantra)

The late (Rabbi) Marvin Antelman might mention Schiff but without checking I
can't say.

I think his books were reissued not long ago. I only have the first and it's
in another location

OTOH, the Lloyd George quote in Preparata is *never* mentioned, although I
have seen echoes of it several times. as in "neither side got the war they