Wednesday, March 01, 2017

WaPo's Hypocrisy

"Democracy Dies In Darkness" is the new Washington Post slogan. WaPo will shine a light on things to safeguard democracy. This would be wonderful from a media outlet if it had worked the last eight or so years uncovering misdeeds. Unfortunately, it is the WaPo. Even worse, WaPo has a long history as being an official organ of the system. It also has engaged in hiding things in darkness for decades.

A rather famous quote by WaPo publisher Kay Graham illuminates her stance on how the nexus of media and power should work together.
We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secret and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.
Basically, government secrecy is grand as long at the media gets to decide the exception. Media is making itself sovereign with that point of view. By the mere editorial power it has with what to print or not print, it shapes everything. This is why the cry over democracy dying in darkness is a joke. They have shoved plenty into the dark and been accomplices to crimes domestic or international. Even the libs admit that Watergate was a coup that the media, specifically WaPo, acted as courier for between the different nodes of Beltway power.

The Washington Post has been at the nexus of power in DC for decades. The best book discussing this is "Katherine The Great" by Deborah Davis. How accurate was this book? How deep did it hit? Davis spotlighted Operation Mockingbird, discussed editor Ben Bradlee's history as a CIA asset, and even speculated that Watergate was a CIA operation with WaPo help. It was so dead on that Bradlee and Kay Graham worked overtime to get the book pulled. It was not only pulled but all copies were turned into pulp. Davis won in court and the book was reprinted.

Bradlee was not a CIA agent but an asset. It is an important difference. In WW2, Bradlee was a naval intelligence officer, and afterwards, worked in a propaganda unit. One can be an intelligence asset without ever realizing it, but Bradlee was working on projects that were part of broader CIA campaigns. Exactly what is a newspaper anyway? It is a medium for transmitting messages to audiences of a specific demographic. It is the perfect way to signal or notify others of important things without direct contact in a small circle like DC.

If you want to hear spooky, Bradlee's second wife was the sister of Mary Pinchot Meyer who was married to Cord Meyer, a big CIA figure. The Meyers divorced and Mary became JFK's last big mistress. She was killed a year after JFK's death. Who went into her home and found her diary, subsequently handing it over to James Jesus Angleton who then burned it at CIA's HQ? Ben Bradlee. Ben Bradlee was no agent, but a man who will go to those lengths for the chief of counterintelligence at CIA is definitely an asset. Darkness? Burning the diary of an assassinated president's mistress is darkness.

If one stops to consider it, this media role of selective editing not only gives a journalist or editor amazing power for leakage but then power back on the source. Access journalism is real and in this era of dead investigative journalism, it is all we have for nearly all genres of journalism. As any information is kept on file, it can be used as leverage on a source for 'why won't you tell me X now when I held back from revealing Y to the public last year?'.

This is why I support nationalizing the media. it is dying anyway. Nationalize it, and reconfigure the model to be a release of information and data with public interpretation of data and figures for debate. Take something like Wikileaks releases and then allow the hustle and drive of people interested to put the pieces together. The Clinton State Department email releases, even redacted, were enough to put the pieces together that Clinton and Obama were fully aware that the Muslim Brotherhood was moving Egypt to an Iran 1979 transition and supported it while openly stating they did not want that to happen. Guy who wrote that works a regular job and still found time to do the analysis reporters couldn't be bothered to do to spotlight the mindset of the potential next president.

This would never happen with the current system because it not only serves the system but is part of the system. They do not want to change. They just want the status of the public figure media guy with the blue checkmark on twitter and byline at some outlet. They are order takers. They are courtesans. If democracy dies in the darkness, it is because they shut off the lights.


Glengarry said...

Wow, Mary Pinchot Meyer's page was a nice spider hole of darkness in itself. Neighbour of JFK, friend of Jackie Kennedy, mistress of JFK, also neighbour of Robert Kennedy. Phone tapped by James Jesus Angleton. The detail of her (maybe) doing LSD trips with JFK and unnamed others in power was out of left field.

Reading the particulars, I would infer that Ray Crump Jr did murder her, but directed by somebody else. ("I'm not saying CIA did it ... but CIA totally did it.") Couldn't retrieve the court case online, though.

Everyone else around her, also wow. The JFK era was a strange time. After a while, head swimming, I started wondering about the sentence "On 18 December 1956, Meyer's nine-year-old son, Michael, was hit by a car and killed." Who drove that car? Who?? No wonder there was paranoia in the air.

When you have the time, do pull together your selected blog posts and write a magnum opus about the 1945 to post-Nixon era.

peterike said...

"The JFK era was a strange time."

Indeed. I think those were the years that the Deep State really consolidated. Granted, the New World Order types have been around a lot longer -- that's how we got the Federal Reserve, after all. Hell, you can argue the NWO put down Napoleon and whacked McKinley. But these things take time. In the U.S., the ball really started rolling in the 60s and 70s.

Speaking of nationalizing the press, Trump's plan to publish lists of crimes by "aliens" is pretty amazing. Talk about coverups! But what an idea. Just gather the info and put it out there. Oh, how the press will howl, how the Progs will scream. It's the most brilliant piece of agitprop for OUR SIDE that's probably ever been done.

Of course, the press will ignore it the info, so the rest of us will have to spread the word. No wonder they're throwing us all off Twitter. I'm thinking it's time to do reverse Twitter accounts. Create a fake SJW account and post stuff like, "Can you BELIEVE that Drumpf is publishing a list of alien crimes?" and link it. Post Hate Facts under the guise of Prog Rage. It will take them a while to figure it out, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Publish reduction ad absurdem stuff that exposes the ridiculousness of progism.

"Trump voters are squares who fetishize families and heterosexual sex. Don't they realize that it's 2017 and the meaning of family is different now? Two men can have beautiful sex with each other and be great dads who raise open minded kids who accept all kinds of families and all kinds of sexuality. And single moms are just as good as married moms, probably better actually. Girls can learn a lot from watching their moms date a variety of people."

Deep Thought said...

FYI your site cannot be posted on Twitter. I tried.
28 Sherman: WaPo's Hypocrisy

Son of Brock Landers said...

Correct. You have to use the '.ca' extension. Twitter doesn't like my politics.