Friday, March 03, 2017

The Future Liberals Want + SM Review-Preview 80

A pretty jarring photo that has been going around is the 'Future Liberals Want" photo. It is a transvestite and a woman in a burkah sitting next to each other on the subway. I shared it on the Weimerica Instagram. /Pol News Network tweeted the photo, and then liberals picked up on it.

The liberals see this as a good thing. It is inclusive! It is just two people sitting together minding their own business. The liberals used fictitious pictures and tagged it the future liberals want as a positive. It is an absolute denial of reality. It is also an absolute rejection of all norms of Western tradition.

A woman in a burkah separates herself from her surroundings. The burkah is not liberating; it's a black cloth hiding her. A transvestite performer is a sick man pretending to be a woman. Whether for his mental state or for fun, it is a sign of decadence and decline. This is not inclusion. These are two broken people who shouldn't be openly hanging around on public transit in a Western city.

The libs celebrating this are denying reality once more. The woman in a burkah has a husband who would toss the transvestite off a roof. The transvestite is a gay man that in the city has a 1 in 5 chance of contracting HIV. This is not a healthy future. The liberals know it, which is why they are desperately using fictional pictures to reproduce the meme to joke and laugh about the future they want. Gay space communism? "Oh fer sure, a future I want." Captain Planet come to life? "Sign me up?"

They have stumbled around through irony for so long that they cannot seriously defend anything anymore.


Last week I wrote on the Left's unstable coalition ceding control of culture creativity to the right. Weimerica Weekly was on the tragic state of masculinity in America and the West.

I can't recall what this week's essay will be as I submitted it a while back. Weimerica Weekly might be on breastfeeding. I want to do a parenting WW, but it seems a topic with many features. Breastfeeding and the cult around it now is a consistent one I get messaged about via email and social media.


Cat Lady said...

So "Gilda Wabbit" didn't even notice he was sitting by a woman in a hijab? Was he "just existing" or just too entirely self-absorbed to notice anything else?

Portlander said...

OK, not trying to sound like a douche, just sayin'... here in Portland, breastfeeding is so 2008. (Kinda like Tiny Houses I might add.)

Also, I wouldn't call it a cult. Sure there are a few making up an in your face militant fringe, but they are just that: a fringe. A fringe made up exclusively of dykes and unwed fuglies, so easy to know where they're coming from. Those excepted, it's mostly good. It's a pro-natalist "white thing". It gives SAHM's a status signal of their own, something they need, and IMO deserve. It is beautiful to see & be around, and thankfully virtually immune from corruption by the (((pron merchants))). It's femininity over feminism. What's not to like?

Son of Brock Landers said...

A topic for discussion. I always talk about the thing and then cite how it gets taken to extremes. It's a great thing and natural but La Leche League can pound sand.

Portlander said...

Fair enough. La Leche League are a little nuts. Sorry ladies, but the breast milk banking thing gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding had been taken to such an extreme it's crazy. The so-called baby friendly hospital initiative has killed babies with their mandatory rooming in policy (even if the woman is coming off strong painkillers etc) and by making women who can't breastfeed think formula is the devil. Ugh don't get me started.

peterike said...

but La Leche League can pound sand.

I knew one of these nutters. Her son was still breast feeding at SIX YEARS OLD. I think the general rule of thumb is that when the kid can come over and ask for it, it's well past time to stop.

And it goes without saying that nothing about La Leche League has to do with children. It's ALL about mommy.