Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The AltRight Is Not Like Italian Futurism

The media has been desperately grasping for anything to explain exactly what happened with the Trump installation. Six bloggers with day jobs are supposedly whispering in Steve Bannon's ear. The What Is The AltRight essays have been steady and comical. One of the dumber essays recently was one that compared the AltRight to Italian Futurism.

This is an incredibly lazy piece that tries to tie Italian Futurism to the AltRight as a warning of sorts. Italian Futurism did exert influence on the Italian fascists. This terrible hit job on a variety of targets does not really produce any meaningful similarities. He even gets the entire altright wrong by saying individualism is the organizing myth, because this writer still desperately wants to fight the dead husk that is libertarianism. There is an underlying similarity that he is worried about and that is energetic white men striving for an ideal and focused on freedom from prog contraints. The writer seems more worried that the AltRight would give birth to a coherent political party that could take over a nation out of sheer will than focused on what the AltRight stands for today.

Italian Futurism was a movement with a firm art foundation. The only person in the dissident right who ever seemed to like the Italian futurists was Nydwracu who ran Theden years ago. On the dissident right, there is the discussion of aesthetics, but I do not see dissident right artists out there, yet. I bet Richard Spencer could cultivate this (he'd be perfect for this). I know Social Matter publishes a little prose and poetry, but having an outlet dedicated to fiction, poetry, etc. would be helpful.

What could they possibly draw on for a unified drive? A pro-West, pro-civilization narrative works, and even a stewardship of the environment and blood and soil connection would make sense. While many support technological advancement, there is a strong conservationist streak. Hannibal Bateman's consistent archaeo-future messaging is a theme artists could build around. If VoxDay changed tactics, he could turn Castalia House into a dissident right publishing house that churned out the anti-progressive content. Fiction or non-fiction written by Menaquinone4 critiquing the wasteland, any one of our men in California writing a "Stranger in a Strange Land" or "Invisible Man" book or essay, or the atomized individual in an Acela Corridor metropolis. Not just publish some select sci-fi or fantasy titles, but flood the zone. There is an American Houellebecq out there and major American publishers will not touch him, which provides opportunity.

The essay comparing the AltRight and Italian Futurism drips with fear. The author repeatedly has to say that the macho, violent new right works in lies and manipulations, because he assumes all leftist talking points as fact. It is a smear job that slaps meanie and evil on Bannon, AltRight, libertarians, freedom, strength and white men. The essay reads more like the navel gazing leftists that have spent decades fat and well fed realizing there are men not happy with being kept as tax earning pets for the state. With the decay of the Western economy, many men are not even farmed for tax and therefore have nothing to lose by rebelling or seeking greater fulfillment in other means. These progs still cannot grasp the dissidents among them in the educated and professional classes.

How weak, how absolutely obsessed with trivialities can one be to mock the love of flight? Flight is the absolute conquering of nature by intellect and mechanical arts, which separates man from animal. Humans can soar like birds via their mental prowess, and every single step of the process is amazing from the engine craftsmanship to jet fuel creation. To pshaw flight or the drive to space is the weakling's look at the 10m platform and dismissive comment "Who really needs to dive from there anyway". The essay smells of fear not just of 'the other' but of their own weakness and inability to dream anymore. They know social justice now pales in comparison to we will harness space for our use.

Until the dissident right can create a stream of art, it is unfair to compare it to Italian Futurism. Not unfair to the dissidents but to what the Italian Futurism was. Dissidents are a product of their society, and in a decayed and degraded society, there are decayed and degraded rebels. Jacobin, which also published a what is the atlright piece, is wrong to say channers are libertine psychopaths at odds with the more traditional wings of the dissident right. What they miss are the consistent messages of wanting more and wanting what was formerly normal and how the channers recognize that this is now transgressive in Weimerica.

What will remain and permeate the entire leftist sphere is the horrible realization that a solid chunk of their fellow whites and even fellow educated Westerners are completely at odds with the decadent, self-indulgent lifestyle that they live. The Left has total control of the levers of culture and power yet find them lacking a persuasive punch. For now they can point and laugh at an image of a clean cut white guy with a fashy haircut getting hit, but even in 2015, the fashy haircut was a bit played out at NPI. The leftist fear will drive them to lash at these obvious figures or even the evil white libertarians of yesteryear. That drive covers the fear that all around them, the well kept family men, businessmen and mothers of two, three or even four white kids is confidently building towards and yearning for a glorious future that will honor their past... and has nothing to do with prog goals, drives and desires.


Chris B said...

"Italian Futurism did exert influence on the Italian fascists." No they didn't. Neither did Evola.

Toddy Cat said...

Well, this is what you get when you write an essay comparing the Alt-Right to Italian Futurism, and you don't understand either the Alt-Right or Futurism. Or Fascism. Or Art, for that matter. If this is what passes for intellectual analysis on the Left these days, it's no wonder that the Alt-Right is winning.

marzaat said...

My suspicion is that this essay was inspired by the recent publication of Bruce Sterling's Pirate Utopia, an alternate history of D'Annunzio's Regency of Carnaro.

My understanding is that D'Annunzio contributed some of the stagecraft of fascism, balcony speeches, uniforms, salutes.

But, pace Paul Gottfried's Fascism: The Career of a Concept, the Futurists were not fascists. They sound more like techno-utopians. I mean D'Annunzio declared music the spirit of the state. My admittedly sketchy knowledge of the alt-right hasn't come across anything similar.

Glengarry said...

"Macho" might by the way be the one latinx word one is permitted to hate.

realconnorgrade said...

I am actually attempting to get a booked published by Vox Day, I am a fame of Houellebecq, found him during my American Psycho Days, would like to have you Ryan review my works so far