Sunday, March 05, 2017

Social Matter - Advertising Is DownStream of Power + Progressivism

New essay up at Social Matter. This one tackles one the poz is so deep in advertising. This essays discusses some of the mechanics and also some of the careful moves to reposition ads and deploy them in different ways to send different messages. From creative director to consumer, there is a poz continuum.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I presume that these advertisements were done with a Hillary victory in mind because in the months where these ads were designed, all the polls had Trump down by 10-15 points. It sets up a 1-2-3 punch media model: Hillary tees up the narrative, the media/entertainment complex pushes the narrative through advertisements, programming, and then Hillary gets to comment on pop culture, which they hope makes a 70 year old grandmother seem hip and cool. "Isn't it great how brave Audi and 84 Lumber are for showing these advertisements? Wow, what a game, right guys!"

This model was used extensively throughout Obama's candidacy and presidency. They turned Barack Obama from Carlton Banks into a surrogate cool black friend to white liberals.

Anonymous said...

I'm disinclined to believe that the ads were made with Hillary in mind. In advertising is the greater cost associated with the time or the ad content? I'm guessing that the ad content is far less costly and could be reshot as situations change. The ads seemed to be just another example of finger wagging at the American public. This is especially true of the 84 lumber ad. It was created because of Trump. They would have done something different if it had been designed with Hillary in mind.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I believe that the commercials/advertising are the most insidious weapon that the left deploys. Unlike a film or a TV show which require a higher level of user concentration to follow a plot line, a simple commercial can slip the pozz and narrative in and out without detection. The purveyors of pozz can also sustain a low intensity, but constant drumbeat of the same message.

The advertisement model has a larger advantage over a medium like film or TV for the insertion of pozz and narrative for two major reasons.

The average person will change a channel or just not go to see a movie where the themes or characters do not resonate with their interests and values. The viewer effectively controls the viewable content in an executive manner by selecting what they want to see and striking that which they do not. Commercials on the other hand are "random" with the viewer playing no role in selection of content. The TV viewer has had their participatory role disengaged, and since the ads come in 15 and 30 second snippets, even if the message/content/imagery are objectionable most will sit through it knowing the duration is short enough that changing the channel is more of an inconvenience than just enduring the ad to its end.

There is also the "no risk" factor on the part of the ad agencies, the networks who air the commercials, and the product lines being advertised. For something to be considered "daring" there must be the risk that it could potentially backfire. Even those who are offended by interracial or homosexual pairings, or non-traditional gender roles, etc... are not going to mobilize in a "boycott" of a specific brand. And even if some group did mobilize a boycott, that would provide a forum for the company to posture and signal that much harder, generating even more activity/visibility of the brand.

We live in such a manufactured fantasy world that depicting something realistic would actually be the "daring" move on the part of an advertiser. For example, imagine a commercial showing an overweight black single mother with multiple, fatherless children making purchases with an EBT card. Statistically we know that the above scenario PERFECTLY describes the reality of day to day economic life for most black children.

- 82% black female obesity
- 72% black illegitimacy rate
- 90% Black Children will use food stamps during lifetime

However, if such a commercial were ever made the OUTRAGE of such a depiction would be deafening. So instead of black realities, it is intact, well dressed, physically fit, two parent families raising well behaved children in 3,000 sq. ft. homes shown in commercials. The worst part is these positive depictions of blacks are not even done on the behalf of blacks nor sell products to them - it is to sell products to signally SWPLS, and use blacks as props!

Liberalism really is re-investment in comforting fantasies. Advertisers picked up on there being a market to sell to by providing visual reinforcement of those very fantasies...