Monday, March 13, 2017

Frogtwitter Lives

Twitter continues to purge accounts. The big ones of Frogtwitter are gone though, but if you search hard enough, you can find the banned returning. It is hard keeping a good frog down. The point pushed in the Medium essay on the mass banning of Frogtwitter was that these men are "vaguely right-wing intellectuals interested in critiquing Western life". From their perch on the mental outskirts of mass culture while physically swimming in it, they can provide a much needed point of view. The bans are not stopping them.

The men of Frogtwitter will be providing content at for their fans. (I have been informed that is not going to be the main site). Another group blog of sorts? Do I have to read more text, Sherman? No, it is not going to stop there. In Faceberg's own words,
This site is to showcase some of our writing and ideas while we work on an even bigger project. It's a communal blog of sorts for the members of frogtwitter. 
The next stage or next phase of the project will be a multimedia project for your consumption. With the frogtwitter power comes responsibility, and that responsibility is good content. The limitations of 140 characters and images will be gone. I anticipate much from this liberation.

When Mena was kicked off of Twitter, I remarked that Twitter at its finest is an art form. He was one of the best. Faceberg (handle @weimerica) is another top notch content provider. Much of what I do with Weimerica Weekly podcast is social commentary, but I can only speak with others about the single game. I am a dad now. These men are the single men walking the wasteland of Weimerica. These are the Swole Houellebecqs of our cities (Swolebecqs?). A podcast roundtable about their experiences in the dating market would be a must listen.

With how young these men are, these are the adults who have been raised in this mess. A 25 year old barely has cultural memories before "I did not have sexual relations", Ellen coming out, California being surrendered and the rise of video game culture. Often online or even at quiet, intimate parties, people talk about the cultural bubbles that they or others live in. The content that these young men produce will be an opportunity to pierce those bubbles. It may be an opportunity to look inside another bubble.

The much lauded "Beat" writers were actually just outsiders who could not integrate with normie '50s culture. Whether a fan or not, there is something to their writing that draws people in. This may be the only similarity the two groups share, but that is why I interact and follow the men of Frogtwitter. There is always content that draws me in. I wish them good luck. Keep lifting, keep posting.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yeah, I noticed some of these guys are trickling back. They were missed.

Apothecary said...

Are you aware of Several Frogtwitter like Kantbot and Melch are writing there.

PA said...

That was very good advice to Spencer (re. King) on Twitter.