Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - A Politicized Super Bowl

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I do a recap of the poz commercials as well as the non-pozzed halftime. Open borders was the big trend for messaging but there are other broader cultural changes that ads are now reflecting.

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Random Dude on the Internet said...

My take is that the vast majority these ads were likely done months ago with the assumption that Hillary was going to be the next President. Many ads seem custom designed to start priming the pump for various initiatives (amnesty, proxy war with Russia, etc.) and for an opportunity for Hillary to show how with it she is by commenting on the commercials.

You could easily imagine a tweet from Hillary (or realistically one of her staff) about how she was just so inspired from that 84 Lumber ad and darn it, isn't it time that we finally have full reaching amnesty? Imagine her commenting on the (highly skewered) Audi ad and how brave Audi is for empowering young girls. Isn't it time that we create a special program that pushes STEM funding specifically for young girls (by enacting quotas that limit the number of boys who attend STEM majors in college)?

Most of the ads seem custom designed for everything Hillary was running on. If they really did design these videos with her Presidency in mind, it makes perfect sense: Hillary and the media tightly collaborating to deliver a message. It could entirely be coincidental but nothing seems to be a coincidence these days, especially as you point out, the ads are $5 million a pop.

So as "inspiring" as many of these ads seem, I can see them take a darker twist for next year's game and for ads in general. Watch someone's brave "remake" of the 1984 Apple ad next year where a Trump-like figure barks out orders. The media and the left aren't going to be backing down anytime soon.